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which bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by twistngo, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. About to come off restrictions and looking at a 600/650. I initially thought either a sv650 or er6 but the 06 fz6 is cheap at the moment. Indecision is an awful thing. The first two look comfortable first big bikes but the fz6 is attractive even though I've heard its not as easy to ride (less torque down low, need to run at higher revs, power not linear). But its something I might grow into? I tend to like whatever bike I've just ridden so whichever salesman gets me first has a good chance.
    Planning on touring etc rather than commuting.
    So which order should I test ride them in?

  2. I'd go for the SV650. Supposed to be very satisfying ride. Although, the ER6 is quite a brisk ride as well.

  3. Ride 'em all, then go home and do a pro's and con's list.
  4. I'd love an FZ6 but the handlebars are UGLY!!!

    Yeah, don't commit to anything, ride them all, and also see who offers the best deal on touring-type accessories.
  5. I say go for a 2007 Yamaha R6. I just happen to have one for sale... ;)
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  7. Do NOT get an er6f or an sv650s!

    Because I'm getting one soon and I want as much choice as possible
  8. Phiz ,if you get the ER6F ,are you getting the greeeeen one.?

    I looked at them last year before I got the cruiser ,didn't like the look of them ,but the green looks good to me ,and it would be the colour I'll get if the GSX don't float my boat. :wink:
  9. HECK YES!!!! Sweet bike
  10. If you're serious about touring might be worth having a look at the 650 V-strom. Not so much for the off-road ability but more the fact it comes with luggage and has a more upright riding position to the SV (and from what I've seen on NR runs still handles corners pretty damn well too).
  11. I thought about that and things like the kle500 but decided I'd like something a bit more sporty. I plan to tour but what I enjoy most is riding hard.
  12. What about the Suzuki GSR 600? They are advertised for $9490+ORC at Peter Stevens. I looked at vthe FZ6 but it was dearer at the time and the seat did not feel right for me.
  13. That GSX650F looks and sounds not bad at all. If it was around when I upgraded I probably would have looked long and hard at it.

    Reading through the specs though it's a pretty heavy beast. At 216kg dry it's as heavy as the ~800 tourers (VFR, GSX750F or evn the Trumpy Sprint ST) and almost 30kg heavier than my BMW F800ST.

    Speaking of which, :LOL:, in my opinion my bike is an awesome all-rounder in terms of getting a light, flickable sporty ride, as well as touring comfort and 2-up touring power. Also being light and fairly small it's easy to filter if you do have to do any city commuting. Of course, at about $5k more than those listed above, if budget is a big factor then definitely go with one of those mentioned earlier.

    Butz. :beer:
  14. I like the look of them. Mainly considering the fz6s as it has a screen, centre stand and hugger for not a lot more. Hopefully PS will let me ride one.
  15. Noooo, I dont like it!

    I'm almost certainly going to get a sv650s mainly due to the fact that er6f's are rare second hand and since I don't intend on keeping it for too long, I don't want to lose alot on buying new/near new... unless I can get an ex demo for a steal.

    If you intend on doing alot of highway work and less twisties, sv650s probably isn't the way to go, it is somewhat sporty.

    Er6f is very upright even compared to my zzr, pretty damn comfy. Fz6s.. probably better at speed than er6f, and upright making it more suitable to highway riding.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: honda hornet 900 wiil do everything still $10 990 drive away :LOL: :LOL:

    ride one and it will leave you grinning from ear to ear :cool:
  17. hmm, think I see the attraction

  18. Im riding a 250 hornet at the moment and will be looking to upgrade soon, havn't tested riden anything yet but i love the hornet so much im thinking about just staying with it and upgrading in power to a 600 or 900.

    They are such a comfy and fun bike to ride through twisties and highway aint to bad either. They also look wicked when you turn them into streetfighters if thats what tickles your fancy.

    Still wanna test out a CBR600RR, R6, GSXR600 and ZX6 though to see if i like any of those. I like how they all look but need to sort out which has the best ride for me.
  19. Make sure you take the Kwaka Z750 for a spin as well. I was pretty much sold on getting an ER6 until I test rode the mini Z.

    I still have a grin from ear to ear when I climb off the back of the beast! :evil: