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which bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by redliner, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently looking for a bike for my L's and not sure what to get.

    At the moment, I'm looking at a CBR250RR and the ZX2R, but the other day, a guy a was speaking to mentioned that the RVF400 was learner legal if i had the cash.

    Between the CBR and the ZX2R, which would be the better buy? The CBR seems really popular as a first bike...but now, after reading about the RVF400, it looks really good but the its a bit pricey.

    all feedback would be much appreciated!

  2. Welcome to the madhouse, redliner, sounds like you'll fit in just fine here!

    do a search for a man who's nick is roarin, he's got an rvf-400 and knows all about 'em.
  3. Thanks, i will do that...

    What about the CBR250rr and/or ZX2R? what would be a better one to learn on?

    The RVF400 is a bit pricey and i dont think i'd pay that much for it... But it looks so damn good!

    I think it would be better to buy something like a 250CBR for now until i can get onto the saddle of a CBR600RR or something along those lines...legally...
  4. I had a VFR400 (the model before the RVF) and it was shit hot...

    Really long first gear, but really fun to ride... looked the shiznit too

    If I had to choose between the CBR and the ZXR I would go with the kwaka... for several reasons.... both bikes are great for twofiddies.... but the ZXR is just a bit cooler in my books... and you get to join KSRC who organise heaps of rides...
  5. They're both equal so how much do you want to spend. At the end of the day, you'll only sell when you're off restrictions anyway. :D
  6. It also had 5hp more than the RVF400 which is why it isn't LAMS legal!!! :) Just thought i'd point that out
  7. Id have to say the rvf would be my first choice... After that id go for an fzr250 i reckon, just solely cause theres too many cbrs around...

    Ive developed a hatred for kawasaki, ill never buy one of those again... Mind you this hatred has absolutely no basis i just woke up one morning and hated them. :? Yes, yes, im very strange :roll:
  8. I was looking at spending upto about $6k. Yeah, i would sell as soon as i get off restrictions...But it will be a while yet until I'm off...

    I just wanted something that would last me a solid 2yrs...

    I've been eye-ing the RVF400 ever since a dude i bumped into mentioned to me that if i had the extra $$$, i should go for one. I did some research, and feedback on those bikes are pretty good...

    But not sure which way to swing at the moment...hence the reason i'm here seeking others opinion.
  9. They are all a bit dear for what they are. And there are a lot of really clapped out ones out there.

    Still that's always been the story with 250's

    I'd go the cheaper option, because gear always costs more then ou expect, and you can spend the savings on your next bike.

    Having said that, I'd like to own a rvf, for a while, but I just couldn't justify that price, given that I'd got a full lisence and what else I could buy for that sort of dough.
  10. haha classic