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Which bike?!?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Flyboy, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    The search for a first bike has ramped up. And it's gone and gotten a whole lot more confusing. So I thought I'd come and ask some advice...

    I've ridden the CB400, and quite enjoyed it, but having not ridden anything else lately I haven't got much to go on comparison wise. I'm booked I'm for a few rides this week and hopefully I'll find something that stands out.

    So here's the list of what's on offer, any opinions and advice would be really appreciated.

    CB400' $10990
    Suzuki Gladius -(2nd hand, 10000k's for 8 grand) unsure of new price
    New Kawasaki 650 $9500
    New Hyosung gt650r
    And apparently there is a 600 yamaha as well.

    If there is any other bike along these lines that you know of I'd be keen to see those as well.

    Cheers guys, have a great weekend


  2. Tell us what you now and like and dont like about them first, there is plenty of reading material here and oher sites.

    Otherwise dr650 is better than all of them and cheaper.
  3. Don't forget the mighty GS500, cheap to own and run. I'm biased, and proud of it. Had my full licence for around a year, and still haven't sold it. Taking it for a 1500km camping trip over Easter and fitted a power socket for the phone while I'm on the road.

    Do like the Honda's. Would of bought one when I did my L's, but the cost was too much. Great brakes, suspension, that high revving engine.
  4. +1 for the GS
    Also look at some of the thumpers as above the DR650 or the DRZ. Not sure the DR is Lams approved though.
    I learnt on a DRZ and my completely biased opinion is that there aren't many better bikes to learn on.
    For me the most important thing was sitting high seeing over traffic so I could see things a little earlier. It gave me just a little more time to react.
    Also easier to correct a line mid corner when you get it wrong.
  5. From your short list, I would be tossing up between the CB400 and the Kwaka.

    Otherwise I agree with the last 2 posters, I would suggest a look at the GS500. You can buy it new if you feel that is important, cheaper than the others by quite a margin. Bullet proof, all-day comfort. A good real world engine that will be enough to entertain you for a while.
    Tied for 1st place in best new LAMS bike IMHO is the DRZ400SM. Light enough, enough power, great handling for a learner, once you know how to ride it. Crash fairly well too (i.e. not much $$ to repair fairings etc).

    Re-sale should not be an issue with any of those bikes, as they are in decent demand.
    If you really want to splash that much cash on your first bike, I suggest taking them all for a ride, more than once if possible, then pick your favourite, then go for one more test ride before you sign.
  6. If you are planning to buy and keep a while, and can afford it, I would go the CB400. Of everything on the list it looks like the most likely to keep you entertained.

    But, if it's going to be purely a learning tool, and a stepping stone to a long term bike, I would be looking at a 2nd hand GS500, or any other 2nd hand +250cc reliable LAMS cycle. You will get better value for your money purchasing that unrestricted bike down the track, and by then you will know what you want.
  7. people forget about the er500. A bit old, but reliable and on par with the gs500. But unlike the Suzuki, it has a water-cooled engine, and a better bike in general I've been told. Pretty dam cheap as well
  8. I would also consider a 2nd hand CB400.
    I got a 2008 model with 6000km and 12months rego for $6500.
    Then if you do sell it you won't lose much money.
  9. Dr650 is Lams approved