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Which Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by smidsy, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Without starting a flame war, I need some recommendations on a bike.
    Looking to buy a 250 (this is WA) road trail for some gentle trail riding and getting my license.

    Looking to spend around $3k and I want to get the best I can for that money.

  2. id say for that money you would be looking at an 01->05 (depending on condition and kms) ttr250 or drz250 for that budget.

    i believe the ttr can be a little taller. the drz is a little nicer to road ride as it has digital dash ect.
  3. and i would say, your the one riding it, not us, try a few out, u will quickly make up your own mind
  4. Yamaha XT250 is more road oriented than the TTR, sells a little cheaper and generally has less off road kms on the clock.
  5. As I think that you are just needing to know what models to search for, here are some-

    Yamaha XT250 (slower cut cheaper than below)
    Yamaha TTR250
    Suzuki DRZ250 or DR250
    Kawasaki KLR250
    Honda XR250 (big drawback with this one is that there is no ignition key which might be a problem if you want to ride it and leave it somewhere good thing is that they have been made a long time and are popular).

    Considering your budget I dont think that any bike would be better or worse. Some might be slightly faster when new but considering that anything that you buy for $3K is going to be far from new it is not going to matter.

    Find someone that knows something about bikes or at least mechanics and go have a look at some of the above.

    Personally I always liked the xt250 I have owned two previously and we still have an ~81 model on the farm with over 70000 ks on it. It still starts second kick even though it is looking very sad.

    Good luck