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Which bike ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gofish, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Hi people, just joined up as I find forums are a great way to gather unbiassed imformation. I am looking at getting a bike & want something that is a little more upright & comfortable than a sports. I dont want to spend more than about 5K. I like the earlier VFR's (94-96) bu they seem rare & hold there value REALLY well. I also thought that the gsxf 750 (post 97 new shape) looked alright & seem a good 2nd hand buy at the moment.The only other I could think of is the ZZR 600. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  2. Maybe spend a few hours in Elizabeth street and get a better idea of what
    you want.
  3. Take a look at the 600 hornet
  4. 2 bullet proof bikes are zzr600 a bit heavy but a great tourer,commuter or an early zx9r
  5. Any thoughts on the gsxf 750 (katana) ? I know they are not the fastest but neither am I nowadays :roll: . Seems like a good daily ride/tourer.
  6. Yeah, they're a good bike and you'll get one at that money if you look around a bit. Gromit, a friend who used to post here, has had one for years and swears by it. It's relatively upright and comfortable, fully faired, bulletproof motor. It's somewhat heavy for its power in comparison to the sportsbikes, but it sounds as though that sports-tourer range is more where your heart lies anyway.
  7. I would put a vote in for the gsx750f. Great bike, I would like one myself but I am not comfortable on one for any more than 5 mins, nothing wrong with the bike, I am just a big bugger.
  8. It's not a Katana [-(
    Otherwise it's an excellent choice for real world riding (ie if you're not worried about lap times) and there's certainly some very good value 2nd hand ones out there. There's also very few bike engines that are more reliable and long-lasting than an oil-cooled GSX.
    The later models are an ugly, ugly bike though :p.

    ZZR600 is also a good option but the lower capacity means that even though it's producing a similar power output it has to rev a lot harder to do so. For some this is a positive, others prefer a bigger, lazier engine. Difference in weight between the two is negligible (they're both heavy).