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Which bike: Yamaha, Honda, KTM?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by elefunksoup, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys
    Here is yet another "which new bike" question. Any advice is welcome.
    I'm looking for something to supplement/replace my 83 BMW R65, which is gtting a bit to unreliable as my main means of transport.
    Things I'd like in a bike are:

    • Able to handle innercity commuting and open road (cos that's my regular ride)
    • Not to heavy/tall (172 cm female rider).
    • Comfy to take a pillion for a country ride
    • Able to fit panniers
    • More of a "sports bike" than "trail bike" riding position. Def not a cruiser.
    • Not too scary for first bike off lams
    • Naked
    • Available in Newcastle
    • Around/under $10,000
    • Maybe a 600?

    A friend is looking at both the Yamaha MT-03 and the Honda NC 750X. I don't really like the high handlebars on either.

    I like the KTM 600 Duke but have heard very mixed reviews about its handling both as a commuter and on the hwy from different sources. It's also a little pricier.
  2. Much of what you seek is mutually exclusive. You want the perfect bike, but sadly, it doesn't exist as a stand-alone machine.
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  3. Suzuki GS500 .Readily available and not pricey.
  4. Agreed as above, the GS500F gives you fairings and a screen. I have not ridden either of these (sat on them a while ago), the Honda CB1100F (might be heavy, but nice retro styling) or Honda NC700SA (storage in the fuel tank area and lots of torque) are worth a look.
  5. Yamaha FZ8
    Suzuki GSX650F (it's a LAMS though)
    Honda CBR650F
    Kawasaki Ninja 650R
    Suzuki GSXR750 (breaks half your rules but c'mooooooon - you only live once)
  6. 1) the new ducati scrambler with the "flat bars" -- they call it "full throttle"
    2) W800
    3) F800R?? (I've heard bad things about them, but rounds out the BMW stable)
    4) 2009 street tripple

    let me know the answer to this problem and I'll get one too (although I'm not as concerned about the seat height)
  7. Agree with GS500, awesome affordable bike. But if you want some more zip go for the SV650, recently rode a gladius and really nice manageable power
  8. Spend a day trawling the dealers and go sit on everything first. Then short list what feels good and appeals to you, test ride them all and see where you stand after all that. Have fun!
  9. Gee, I would think the MT07 would tick quite a lot of those boxes...
  10. Am I the only one who saw the bit where she says she doesn't want handlebars that are too high?

  11. I see a list of things that dont necessarily go together...

    Looks like a case of something to tick the most requirements and having to compromise on others.
  12. Fair enough. I just saw the bit where she also wants it to be naked.

    I'll throw in a used Ducati Monster, being probably the only naked in that price range with low-ish bars as stock.
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    If you're talking new, the Suzuki Gladius (let's call it the SFV 650 instead) is $9 990 out the door at the moment, according to the Suzuki website -


    It seems to tick a lot of your points (depending somewhat on whether or not the dealer in Newcastle has improved the attentiveness to prospective customers since last time I was there), and especially so on height as it is a somewhat smallish bike.

    The motor is long proven, and is renowned for being a real gem. If the 'bars are higher than you prefer it's an easy swap, but I'd try one before rating it on that point alone.
  14. Thanks, this is all great input. I will go a sit on/test ride as many as I can. It looks like my mate is buying the Honda NC 70X btw.
  15. The new Yamaha MT-07 ticks all those boxes!!! Go get one with eyes closed.. The BEST bike available today..
  16. add my vote to this MT07 is a joy to ride
  17. Hi all
    Did some shopping round today.
    Sat on a KTM Duke 600. Not for me. Same with the Ducati Monster.
    Also sat on a Honda CBR 500 and a NC750 SA. Have booked to ride both on Friday. Surprised how much I liked the CBR.
    Then took a MT07 for a ride. My goodness those Hondas will have to be impressive! Very response, comfortable, controlled, balanced, sounds great... :)
  18. Rode a Honda NC700. Like the sound better than the MT07 and was impresed by the storage space and low centre of gravity, but didn't like the gearbox as much.

    Going to try a Suzuki or two next and have another go at the MT07.

    Question: how easy is it to get the gap between the bars and brake/clutch levers reduced? My hands were at full stretch today.
  19. That's easy mate. Get an adjustable shorty levers. That's all you need.

    And btw go for the mt-07 mate. You'll love it.. If u don't like the sound get an akra just like of us have.. we love the mt-07
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