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Which bike?? (with a twist)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Warnsey, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. My search for a new bike coming off restrictions has taken somewhat of a sharp turn. My plan was as soon as I was off my restrictions to go for something like a gsxr-750 or the like.

    However, as fate would have it i have just brought a piece of land that we are building on. The twist is... it is on 15km of dirt road... once on the paved road it connects to some of the best twisty roads around Canberra.

    I do not want to store my bike at least 40km away at a mates place then drive there, get the bike go right down near to where I live to ride, then ride all the way back to put the bike away and drive home. The other alternative is to trailer to the paved road and then unload, ride and re-trailer, which doesn't sound to appealing either.

    Which lead me to perhaps a different bike. i have been looking into the super-moto style bike such as the KTM 990 T and the like. I don't want a full on Adventure dirt bike as the dirt roading is really only a means to and end before the twisties.

    Would the KTM be alright for a dirt road taking it easy. Or are there any other bikes people can recommend?
  2. if it's a graded road almost any naked will do it fine and still be a hoot once you hit the twisties.....ktm and moving slowing over dirt...hmm just doesn't sound right
  3. motard would be a great bike.
  4. Tiger, TDM, Wee-Strom. All are meant to be fun on the tarmac, but capable off road.
  5. I like your thinking (it's like mine :wink:)

    The great thing about the SMT is that you will lose nothing on road cornering compared to a sportsbike - it's different, but just as much fun.
    As for dirt roads... well, the more compliant suspension and longer travel will help. But remember that it is primarily a road bike with road tyres, so you will still need to treat it with a bit of care. You might want to stick with the Pirelli Scorpion Syncs, as they have a bit more bite in the dirt than most road rubber.

    Depends a bit on what the road is made of. If it's road base/packed gravel you'll be fine. If it's clay or mud you're in trouble. And it won't be nearly as cheap to crash as a bush basher.
  6. Is an F800GS An option (I know with those criteria I would like to make it one)
  7. Suzuki B-king. Nice wide bars with an upright riding position and a bit of weight to get the road tyres to bite a bit on the dirt. A longer, more relaxed wheelbase than most modern sportier bikes too.

    A few times up and down the dirt road and all the bumps should be graded flat by wheelspin and all the loose rocks hurled into the bushes. It should powerslide nicely like a speedway bike too.

    When you buy it, ask the dealer if they'll also throw in a slightly used DR650 for a few extra $.
  8. lol, B-kings are excellent learner upgrade bikes too (Que, half a dozen, "it's only as fast as you twist your wrist" comments)

    From what I've heard there's probably a fair chance they would do a good deal on a dr650 in the package, B kings have apparently been be a bit of a tough sell.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. The road is graded dirt and of the times I've driven it, it is usually pretty good.

    The BMW R1200 GS and 800 are defiantly considerations and I will look into a few others recommended as well. There is something about the KTM 990 T Supermoto that is very appealing though.

  10. Supermoto sounds like a good option, however dont overlook the V-stroms.

    Ok I know they dont look the most appealing, but they are so easy to ride and eat gravel roads for breakfast. They handle the twisties just fine and are super comfy. I reckon value for money they are a good deal too.

    My dad has one and its a great bike to ride everywhere. Although its not for everyone, you gotta love those crotch rockets. :grin: