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Which bike will Grumply get ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by stu_h, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Speed triple

  2. Street Triple

  3. SuperDuke

  4. FZ-1

  5. Tuono

  6. S4R

  7. Shiver

  8. CB1000RR

  9. Benelli Tnt

    0 vote(s)
  10. F800R

    0 vote(s)
  1. So ...

    Lets start a pool... which bike will grumply end up with ?

  2. CBR125 isn't on there?!
  3. oooh let me add it..

    or not.

  4. 8-[

    Haha, I wish I knew Stu! If anyone wants to mention their pluses/minuses/reasons for their votes, they'd be much appreciated!
  5. haha, i don't know..
    i enjoy Mr. Grumply's thread because of the conundrum.
    does one listen to their heart felt passion and lust.
    or will the logical brain win the day.

    and 'because it's a motorcycle', is a justifiable reason to buy something you love... and love is blind... ergo, you"ll accept practical shortcommings if neccessary.

    but, if you work hard for your bag of peanuts each week, like me... and you have to manage and budget those peanuts carefully.... and unfortunately you can't spend all your peanuts on bikes...

    mmm, ok... see me, i'm picking the honda... because near new ones are so cheap, bullet proof reliable, safe, versatile, responsible, boring choice.

    but i hope Mr. Grumply follow his heart....
  6. OH GOD DAMMIT!.. i just changed my mind.
  7. no gixxer?
  8. He's after a naked bike and no sports bike.
  9. coooool :D I chose the shiver, but my other choice (both a strong first place) would be the speed triple.
  10. I fixed that for you ^^^^^

    /subtle ?
  11. Well they are both first for me :) But I think he was feeling the love more with the shiver!

    Not subtle at all ;)

    And PERSONALLY, I prefer the Speed Triple
  12. But I am a bit of a sl*t when it comes to Triumphs ;)
  13. So ...come here often?
  14. I picked the Speed Triple 'cos, having read the whole thread about your adventures, the vibe I took away was that that was the way you were leading. They're *all* great bikes, and I'd love any of them and so would you... you're in the lovely position of having many options, all good!
  15. I went the Street triple based on price.
    The Speed is better but is it $4000-5000 better?
  16. [​IMG]
  17. To Melbourne? :p

    I am going there at the end of Sept for 2 weeks, and in 2 years I hope to move there :D


  18. The people have spoken...

    Looks like you have to buy a speed triple.

  19. I was meant to be looking at a Speedie today that fit right in my price/mileage margins... but he called me this morning and told me it sold last night :(

    But I think it must have been fate, because it meant that the only bike I got to look at today was a beautifully pristine Aprilia Shiver... and I'm getting it! :D