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Which bike to get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bk123, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just got my L's and would like to get my first bike. I am considering a 125cc and narrowed my choices to a 2008 CBR-125r and 2012 CB125e. Which bike will be better to buy? (and why) I am mainly using that for going to uni which doesn't involve any freeways, so a 125cc will probably be enough.

  2. Plenty of people say I'm just getting a bike for commuting not on freeways. Few stick by this.
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  3. Honestly, if you can afford it, a used 250cc will be a lot more fun even just for urban commuting. They're slow enough that you can still use all the power they've got on suburban back streets, fast enough that you'll ahead of just about anything with four wheels and later if you want to, you'll be able to do the legal speed limit anywhere in the country...
  4. You'll be bored by the 125 within a week & the 250 in a few months. Go for a 500 minimum, If I may suggest. :D
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  5. i myself am not familiar with the term "enough".

    seriously i did all that L plater thing earlier this year , and what happens if your new
    is a 250 seems heaps powerful and you wonder why you would want a bigger motor for, - thats the first day , maybe even first month tops.

    then i went to 650 within a month and thought wow this is better no changing gears
    every 5 seconds great , that lasted another month ,
    then i went the 1100 ( see where this is going ) now the 1100 i change
    from 1 -3 - 5 i skip the rest dont need them (not always) .
    i still ride teh 650 as thats all i am allowed to actually ride.
  6. Problem is I am a student and actually can't afford a 500. I considered a 250 but my budget is about 3k. (I am looking at 10 yo + bikes), makes more sense for me to go for a 125 where I know I won't have too much issues with regards to maintenance.

    Maybe when i graduate and actually have a full time job, id get a proper bike.
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  7. yep any bike is better than no bike , and at least your gaining experience and getting the lams bs out the way .
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  8. someone else will recommend something soon i am sure
  9. If you go 250, you open up your options., Gpx250, zzr250, vtr250, spada 250, all can be had for less than 3k.

    If you must get a 125, then the Honda cbr125 makes a good light commuter.
  10. Go a 250 if you can. I commuted only on a 200 scooter for 6 years. If I had any less power I would have gotten rid of it after 6 months. Being able to get to the speed limit on a freeway is very important for safety. Yes you will have more fun on a bigger bike but the practicality side of it is much more important. A 125 will really limit you.

    I have a mate who just bought a 125 but drives his car in heavy traffic to and from work because there is a stretch of 90 and he doesn't wasn't to wreck his new bike by pushing it to its limits. You don't know where you will go on your bike so you want to be sure you can ride any road.
  11. Only if you ride in a straight line.
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  12. In that case, I am considering this one: 2008 CBR125r

    Could someone give me a fair price to offer for this bike?
  13. slab of bourbon and a pat on the back for the poor bugger that found himself riding a cbr125...

    buy a old 250...gpx 250 vtr 250...you can find them for around the 2k mark...parts are everywhere and any problem you face with it you can find 50 thousand posts about how to fix it on the internet as the bikes have been around for ages...
  14. I would get the cb125e, same bike brand new without fairings as a second hand cbr125r. No contest.

    Oh and you can ride a 125 on freeways, I rode my madass on the f3 and from Sydney to Robertson there are just too many beige with no balls.
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  15. i'm struggling to think of a good 125..... if i HAD to go that small i'd either get a postie bike or a sachs madass....
  16. On behalf of Krollinator, I say for a $3k budget, go for the GPX250. Reliable for its age, parts are common enough, fast enough, etc etc. So good! Yeah! Yay! The winner!

    Really though, I dunno, I saw one of those CB125e bikes on the road and it just looked frighteningly small to me. Those tyres, my god. But I've heard good things. Good cheap commuter and intro to bikes for said commuters. Not too sure on the price conparison but if you're looking at the CBR check out the R15 aswell.
  17. i think my lawnmower has a 125 )
  18. Yeah but burns your arse when you sit on it.
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  19. Understandable. No harm in starting at 125 and gain valuable experience along the way to a bigger bike. (y)

    Is your budget inclusive of the riding gear or is that separate?

    You'll have to get a Helmet, gloves, riding pants, rain wear, riding boots as well so hopefully you've planned that as well.