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Which Bike to buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by glenngtho, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. G'day all , I have been out of bikes for about ten years and will soon be back on two wheels again. My last bike was a VX800 but didn't get the oportunity to put a lot of K's on it and was wondering if anyone knows of any major probs to look for in this model.
    Also I am open to other suggestions on other bikes around this vintage , my knowledge base has suffered in the last ten years lol.
    Maybe SRX 600 , ZEPHYR 550/750.
    I intend to ride the bike on weekends more than through the week so it will be a fang to the shops / weekend tourer.
    I would like to keep the bike in the 550 cc / 800cc range.
    I would really appreciate any help / ideas on this matter :).

    Cheers and thanx , Glenno.

  2. Pretty much all depends what you're looking for. The VX is more of a cruiser style, right? Was that something you liked, or would you be happier with something sportier, or more of a naked upright style? There's a fair range in the bikes you named. And are you specifically looking for retro, or is that more of a price thing?

    I got back into bikes after more like 20 years, and started with a 250, and was glad I did: I think I'm a better rider for the chance to work on riding rather than worry about speed/power. But your milage may vary.

    The naked SV 650 is very nice and might fit what you're looking at (and be available around $5-6k... but the answers to some of the above questions would make it easier to make suggestions.
  3. Honda VFR 800 perhaps?
  4. I was in a similar position.

    I went through with a virago and onto a honda VT 750 Ace cruiser. [now for sale :-(]

    I wish now that I went straight to the 750. Very easy to ride and can get along pretty good.

    Where are you located????
  5. Suzuki Boulevard C50 ??
  6. I did like the vx800 and the more upright position than other cruiser style bikes.Money will be the biggest hurdle with only about $4000. to spend which does limit my options.
    I'm not really after a sports bike style , just something easy to ride and maintain , preferably naked.
  7. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    That'll get you some attention!

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  8. The zephyr 550/750 is not a bad bike, a bit underpowered, but otherwise recommended.

    I think one of the best value for money bikes out there is the XJ600. Made up to the late-90's, they were a 600cc 4-cylinder. They were a freak in the market at the time, as they're air-cooled, and seriously down on power compared to other 4's of the time, with only 60hp.

    As a result of this conservative engineering, they are solid as, low maintenance, with a reasonable turn of speed. Buyers wanting more powerfull machinery shun them, so the used price is very low.

    You'll get a very nice one for $4000.

    You could also consider an early bandit 600, though they're uncommon.
  9. Good call, kols: and although the OP said he wanted to stay in the sub-800s, the XJ900 would be very managable. This one is 5 grand at a dealer, so there should be some around 4 privately.
  10. I would grab some attention naked lol.
    I'm just north of Brisbane on the Brown Coast ( between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts :)
    A customer came into work about 1/2 hour ago on a yamy 600 seca II
    with about 100 000k on it and has had no trouble and said it was pretty solid , i think it was about 8 year old or so and looked to have held up pretty well.
    So I think i'll throw this one into the mix.
    Didn't think of the Bandit so ill do some homework on that as well.