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Which bike to buy for commuting?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Omarko, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. hi guys

    I currently have a CBR600RR and love it to death ... however ... I moved out further west and my now 5 km work commute is 25kms ...

    the bike is great but can be bit uncomfortable ...

    I am looking to buy a nice commuter bike, new , no budget limit, has to have LOTS of grunt ...

    some thoughts so far:

    Honda CB1000R (prol bit to sporty)
    Kwaka Ninja 650R

    any other thoughts ?
  2. Honda VFR (around the 700-800cc area)

    Never ridden one myself but they seem to be one of the most popular long distance sports bikes.. and a few times I've seen second hand ones with near 180,000kms on the clock and still going strong

  3. short commute for a shitload of fun, go supermotard maybe?....just like a bmx with a motor....sit up high and bolt upright, can see over the roofs of cars...crap loads of low down torque, being dirt bikes basically...allthough you mentioned comfort and the only one that comes to mind with a half decent seat is the new aprilia dorsoduro...but hey you also said budget is no limmit

    apparently with supermotards you apply full throttle as you enter the corner in order to steer with the rear wheel...that should make the daily slog to and from work quite entertaining
  4. I'd go for a versys or some other dual sport to open up my riding options. Don't know where you ride but I'd like to be able to explore the dirt tracks in the hills around melb.

    PS I ride an er6n which would be a good commuter.
  5. Tbh I would say buy some cement and add it to your morning coffee, 25km is nothing. Ten minutes, maybe a max of 15?

    That said, if you want a new commuter I would look at the striple 675 (not all that much of an upgrade re: torque, though) or motards like the above mentioned.
  6. Right Mewnz, so a 25km commute in Sydney traffic only takes 10-15mins?

    I assume that's peak hour, so it should only be 5min off-peak :)
  7. 25km in 10 mins = 150 kph ave. My commute is 25km in mostly 80-100 kph zones and it takes around 20-25 mins depending on lights/traffic.
  8. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but I get to work (25-27km or something) in around 20-25minutes, lots of it waiting at red lights.

    The point was more that 25km is not a great deal of distance/seat time
  9. The answer my friend is go the cbr600F....Get one with the Banana seat. Similar to your RR exept handling, but has a more comfy riding position...I ride mine 65 kays to work and then back again, about 3 days a week.

    I'll be putting another 600-700 k's on her tomorrow!

  10. It may be sacriledge on this forum, but you can't beat a good powerscooter for a commuter. Twist and go, storage aplenty, frugality, weather protection++.
  11. Best way to find out is to go ride them. If you have an RR you probably like to play a little. But are looking for a little less weight on your wrists. I really enjoyed the Aprilla turno or whateva their called. Naked Vtwin. Go like stink, sound the ducks guts and a fairly upright riding position. Not cheap. And you need to get at least the 07. Watch for quality issues with the aprilla.
    Theres so many to choose from it can be a nightmare. But riding them is the answer. If the dealer wont let you then the next one will.

  12. I'd go so far as to say narrow it to an F4i… no-carb diet! I've got the split seat, and while I loathe the LOOK of the banana seat, well… my ass hurts like I went to prison after a long ride.
  13. Triumph Street triple...

    Plenty of grunt and upright,...you'll be the happiest commuter out there!
  14. Z750 / z1000
    Street / Speed Triple
  15. thanks very much for the tips and thoughts ... the CBR600F and Z750 definitely look like good options. I will go out and try to ride them to get a better feel.

    The triumph might be comfy but unfortunately I dont like the look of them much.
  16. after reading more on the new Kawasaki Z1000 (2010 model) I am actually blown away ... it is certainly showing high hopes! amazing looks, great features ...

    anyone know the pricing on this as atm I can't find any on the net?
  17. 15 mins max..... you obviously don't commute much!

    I commute 27kms each day into the city, it takes me 40 mins on a good day and upto 55 on a bad day. Saturdays however are a breeze, 25 minutes.
  18. The 2009 model is/was about $16 000 (manufacturer's recommended price?), and the 2010 z750 is around $12 000.

    So I'd expect it to be approximately $16k. But if anyone has more reliable info, feel free to correct me.
  19. Kawasaki always do great run out deals in October when they change to newer models. Which can really hurt you if you buy around may june. The front end on the Z's is much better but they are still a wristy bike to ride.
  20. Hornet CB900

    take one for a spin!