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Which bike should I buy? (absolute newbie)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ckramer, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. No previous bike experience. Only some basic rides.
    I want a bike to ride around Sydney metro area.
    Mostly roads, occasionally motorways.

    I just need a "regular" bike.

    I don't want scooter because it's too small, slow and scary on motorway.
    Don't need super-power and super-speed so no Superbike or cruiser for me.
    I guess what I need is Classic or Sport category.

    I need something economical. This mean I should look at engine less than 1000cc ?
    I don't know anything about engines, mechanics. Don't want to be stuck on the road with something malfunctioning. New bike is preferred for me? Or 5 years used will be ok?

    I am tall, 190cm so I need something large. Not athletic, afraid I will be crushed under heavy bike.

    Any ideas? Something like Yamaha XVS650 ?
  2. Hey, welcome.

    No bike experience? You'll be on Ls I assume then? You're restricted to under 660cc and under 150kw/tonne, see here for the non 250cc ones you can ride (you can ride any 250cc apart from about 5):

    If you're going to get into bikes you will learn about some mechanics, even if its just how to change oil, plugs, air filter, adjust and lube chain, etc.

    If you're keen on highway kms, I'd get one of the 500cc and upwards bikes, check out GS500f. Its upright and comfortable and wont be so annoyed at you for taking it on the highway.

    Hehe 1000cc is generally considered very very fast. Modern 1000ccs will do 280+ no worries. Over 30? You only need to be on a learner legal bike for 3 months, so perhaps get a $hitbox 250cc bike and sell it after 3 months and get a more appropriate bike. In that case, a cheap gpx250 might be the go. Could buy one for 4000, ride it for 3 months then sell it for the same price, assuming you don't put too many kms on it.
  3. Triumph Bonneville.
  4. Well that'd rule out the XVS650 then, it's a cruiser.

    Sounds like your best option would be a Suzuki GS500, fast enough for the highway yet still cheap to run and extremely reliable.
  5. Yes I'm over 30.
    Thanks I got the idea about learning 3 months.
    What about something like Yamaha VX250, it looks rather big, will it be enough for after learning period?
    I don't like the idea of selling after 3 months. I'd rather buy new bike from the beginning.
  6. Its not big.

    If you want to go on the freeway after Ls, then no it will not be sufficient. Possible? Yes, but not enjoyable or particularly safe.
  7. Ducati monster 620. one of the lads mentioned it to me today if i had the money i would get one.
  8. question has been asked more times than rolf harris has made bad jokes (unbelievably)

    search is your friend
  9. go a hornet 900 sound like it would be right down your alley......great linear power delivery light and nimble and good on fuel...oh and lots of fun...... \:D/
  10. hmmm im with the idea of getting a shitbox 250 naked to learn on, then you can make up your mind from there. you will undoubtably form a bit more of a solid viewpoint on the sort of bike you want after youve been riding for a little while.
  11. +1 Dom, ticks all the boxes, but 190cm the OP might be a little tall. Just get the front end serviced if you buy an oldie, and they'll still make ya smile :)
  12. 08 Hayabusa. . .

    Learner legal in turkmenistan.......
  13. If you like classic bikes check out the Triumph Bonne and scrambler. If they are a bit big for you, check out the Yamaha SR400 from Deus. A great bike, even in stock form.