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which bike security option?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by rajmicky, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Now that I have got my bike I'm concerned about the security of it and therefore needed some peace of advise.

    My bike will be sitting in the garage during the night time but I am unable to decided which security device would work out better for me when I am commuting daily to work in CBD area and twice a week to my UNI in Howthorn. Couple of options I have are

    1. Chain & Padlock
    2. Disc Lock
    3. Alarm or just rely on steering lock

    Not sure which is better, cost affective and insurance friendly and can prevent from bike being stolen. Also if are there any particular brands which is better than others?

  2. the best protection is half a dozen big blokes with baseball bats and an attitude to match..

    But more practicly I just use a disk lock.

    By the way, if you use a disk lock dont forget to take it off before you try to ride, it can be very embarasing at the least.
  3. I have read a thread about this subject before and the answer was if they want your bike it doesn't matter what locks or alarms you have they will just pick it up and take it.
  4. For peace of mind you could use a cable with inbuilt lock. It may be more easily carried than a chain and padlock being lighter. And it allows you to leash it and your bike to something more immovable like a light pole or such.
    I have a Kryptonite one.

  5. an alarm is the best option for the 'lifters' who take your bike away on a trailer, it increases the chances that the theives will attract suspicion from passers-by, where without one they may look as if they are just towing a broken down bike.

    A GPS tracker is also a good option until the thugs find the unit. Some units send you an sms if your bike moves, so you can race outside and get your butt kicked by the crooks as well. Both options are pricey though.

    Unless you can nail it to the ground, their aren't many options that gaurd against this kind of theft, which is why insurers are often not helpful with theft policies.

    Smart parking is a a good option, ie where a truck/ute can't be parked next to it, well lit areas, areas under surveillance etc - or next to a big phone pole you can chain it to.
  6. Disk locks are a pain... both for you and thiefs... my mates bike was almost stolen but he had the disk lock... so the thief droped the bike broke the fairings and his disk was bent :( So i think get a good alarm or make one... remember unlike cars you have a cut off swich which can be hooked up to a secret swich/alarm...
  7. I know if it has to happen it will happen and nothing will stop it but still I think any additional security measures will prove to be a deterrent to theft.
  8. Got myself a disc-lock and a chain-type lock. When I was working where I couldn't see it, I'd disc-lock it and chain it to a tree (in a very high pedestrian traffic location).

    Now I park where I can sit and admire it all day! Well, unless the boss is looking, then I have to start working. :p

    But then again - how many people are gunna steal my GPX? :LOL:
  9. thanks for the parking tip, Dan.
    After browsing through the net about alarms I have found these to be quite expensive. I don't know if there exist less expensive brands as well :?: but I'm not in a position to fork out $$$ at this time.
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  11. Don't know that they're worth that price though. I'm sure I saw them in the local Kwaka dealer a bit cheaper than that.
  12. As others have said, if someone really wants it they will get it no matter what you do. The idea behind them is deterent. Make yours harder than someone else's. That way they will go for an easier target. Sorry but it is true. Deterent is make it harder than the bike next to it, and/or slow em down. That works unless they really want your bike as it is rare, unusual etc. I know it isnt easy to think of our own bikes as not being unusual, but you know what I mean. Personally I use a Kryptonite cable, as do many of my mates. Cable is visual so easier to not forget (as can be done with disk locks but we all know about them) but also for its versatility! It can be used to secure to a post/tree etc, or if nothing is close through the frame and wheels. It can also be used to go through a full face helmet as well so that it is secured to the bike (have seen helmet straps cut from the normal way of locking helmets to bikes. This way throu the eye opening and no probs!). With other mates the cables can be joined together making a longer cable again to go around several bikes locked together. For me I prefer the cable.....and maybe the death penalty for bike thieves.....

  13. An alarm with an immobiliser and tilt/shock sensor is your best option.
    A skateboard negates any effect that a disklock may have.

    Had one on the babyblade but nothing fitted to the ZX6R or the SP1. Then again I didn't have to leave the bike parked in town for a whole day.
  14. And of course there is the strategic option too. Make sure your bike and you are not predictable. I.e. if you leave it at the same place every monday at 8, and you never pick it up until 4... Thiefs have been known to scout their targets, so the less predictable the less sure thiefs will be.

    So perhaps change parking places sometimes, go out and remember something in the boot of the bike, etc.

    Also - don't park it 'hidden' away in an alley or something. Make sure that there are some people around.
  15. Best thing for home security is a dog - trust me on this. Had a couple of times that I thought someone was taking a late night interest but they thought better once Mako went off tap. Big German Shepherds have that effect on people.

    When you are out use a good cable/chain and if you can aford it go the alarm option. Steer clear of disk locks, they will only cause you grief when you forget to remove it and try to ride off.

    I'm lucky, there is designated bike parking at work by the back door and we have a security camera keeping an eye on the area.
  16. Buy a Honda. No one would want to steal one. :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Lot of dissing of disc-locks - I think the ones with an alarm are more useful than nothing at all.

    And for those forgetful types, they do make a fluoro-coloured reminder cable! I use one, and I've never forgotten about the lock since. Mind you, if you put it on every time you park, it'll be habit to take it off every time you ride too. Just a thought.
  18. No need for a fluoro lanyard on the disc locks with an alarm. If you try to move the bike without removing the lock the alarm going off is all the reminder you need.
  19. With a cable, what is the best place/way to carry it?
  20. Just strew some gibs around the garage.. maybe put up a few impaled corpses.. works a charm