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Which Bike Mag?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Personality47, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hello :)
    I'm still new here.
    I was just wondering what bike mags people read / drool over. I think I'm looking more into road/sports bikes.

  2. amcn and 2wheels, but i don't buy every issue of either mag
  3. BIKE (UK) is compulsory READING in my world; you can still be reading it a few days after you buy it, as opposed to some other mags where you can read them in 20 minutes....
  4. Yeah I read AMCM - brilliant reads most pages. As said above, I dont buy it every week or f/n when ever it comes out, and it takes me a while to read too. Really good value for 7.50 I think it is.
  5. thanks. ill have to check those out :)
  6. I like motorcycle trader, has good articles plus classifieds in one
  7. read them in the supermarket while the wife shops
  8. and grab a handfull of cashews while your at it
  9. i occasionaly but australia road rider, its ok, usually got a few good articles... but, dont buy it often as i dont find it hugely engrossing and can get through it pretty quick.
  10. I bought 2 wheels last month for a dollar extra due to a free mag. I bought it, thought whatever. Open it an it was the feb issue as the freebie. Paid a dollar for a magazine I already paid 8 bucks for. Mildly amused at how desperate they are to push their circulation figures. Last one I will buy for a while.
    They are all about the same I reckon, go by cover pic
  11. AMCN is cheap via subscription, but its never ever on time, its ok for the most part. They are the biggest, so I guess they have the most money to spend, get invites to launches first etc. I've also got a subscription to Rapid, which I quite like. Aussie road rider is good, but it is definately aimed toward the older touring style rider, how its written etc. Not a bad thing, just how it is.
  12. Motorcycle Trader has some really good articles in it each month.

    Cycle Torque does well for a magazine that is free!

    I bought Rapid once only becuase they reviewed all the latest and greatest 600xx super sports bikes which got me a little moist
  13. Now that the internet can be a source for most of the new bike reviews and the rundown of the racing I buy Rapid for mainly the bike p0rn. Sometimes ARR for the great road reports and ideas on where to tour.