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Which bike? GPX250 or ER-5?? HELP MEEEE!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Leighroy09, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Hi Guy

    Just a little back story for you..I did a post earlier this week asking what was the best chinese made bike out of 4 I was looking @ and got bent over about chinese bike and told 2 stick to the 2nd hand japs.

    I have done just that but need a little more help.

    I'm 6'2 90kgs and want to do daily 10min work trips but also go 4 the weekend cruise with the boys.

    I've found 2 bike in my price range and wanted some opinions on which would be best. (I have max $4500 limit)

    07 Kawa GPX250R with 3300kms


    01 Kawa Er-5 with 9700kms

    The GPX has less k's, newer but is maybe 2 small for my size. Then the ER-5 is...well the oposite.

    Anyway let me know what you think

  2. My initial instinct would be the ER-5, but it might have spent some time sitting around due to the low mileage of ~1200 km per annum, so you would want a mechanic to check the battery, rubber seals and hoses, tank for rust, etc. Make sure the tyres aren't original otherwise they may need replacing soon.

    The GPX would be a safe bet mechanical-wise, but if the ergonomics don't suit there's not much point in buying it. Stick one on its centrestand, sit on it, and see how you feel. Also, being ~90 kgs myself, I know you'll have to work it hard which may or may not agree with you depending on your riding style.

    For both bikes, remember to factor in when the annual rego and CTP insurance is due. Also price up some Third Party Property insurance (in case you crash into a Benz).

    Good luck and have fun!
  3. Yeah thanx heaps demon, I've looked into rego CTP and 3rd party (helps be'n an insurance broker haha) but yeah I'll be get'n a NRMA type service 2 go over the bike 4 $100 since I dont know what I'm lookn 4 being new 2 the scene and all.

    I take it the ZZR's ur first bike? How are you finding it?

    Thanks a bunch 4 ur help!
  4. Ya welcome!

    Yeah, the ZZR-250 is my first motorbike. It's excellent in every single respect, except displacement. It's got enough power for most situations, but it takes a while to learn how to extract the power. Basically, you have to become accustomed to using full throttle and high revs, which gives some people a thrill and tires others. It's a very subjective thing.

    You might want to private message Seany. He used to own an ER-5 and now owns an ER-6, so he'll be able to give you a second opinion on the bikes.


    EDIT: He talks about it here:

  5. GPXs are bulletproof, and have been around for ever so easy to find parts if needed. You might find them a little short in the seat, so your legs will need to be folded up when riding, but have a sit on it and see how it feels. No drama for 10min commute, but if you want to go further it could get uncomfortable.

    Can't tell you anything about the ER-5 specifically, but s_d is right, it sounds like it could have been sitting in a shed for a while, so anything rubber (including seals, tyres etc) could be a bit shabby.

    Have a look at both, sit on both (I'd say not on the centre stand, as that elevates the seat quite significantly, on the GPX at least...) and get a mechanic to go over the one you like best, then the other if you're not happy with the report... or keep looking for another example. Try to be patient and not jump at the first bike you see - I know it's hard but the right bike is out there, it doesn't have to be the first one.
  6. The idea would be to put the bike on its centre stand, sit on the bike, put you feet on the pegs, hands on the grips, and pretend you're riding the damn thing. :p
  7. Ah, fair call. Was thinking about standing, but you're right.

    See if the seller will let you sit there for 30-45 mins to see what extended rides will be like! :wink:
  8. Having both owned a GPX250 and a GS500 (ER5 equivelant), I'd say go the ER5 anyday. Dont let the 500 scare you off, they've just got more torque and marginally more power, which you will be thankful for come the late period of your Ls and into your Ps, especially your Ps! It will suit your size better also. Any my GPX250 was far from bullet proof, it was a pos!!
  9. Sweet as, I'm leaning 2ward Er-5 just because I would like to do a few weekend trips into the hunter valley so comfort would be a major aspect in my decision.

    I'll be sure to look at both but my legs are pretty long and this tuck up business does sound like it could get sore after a while.

    I cant wait 4 a nice weekend like this and head off 4 the weekend with some mate!!! hahaa soooo excted!!

    Thanks 4 the link Demon and cheers 4 ur help Darkhorse and hundy!!

    I'm now off 4 a family day in wisemens ferry...in a car...would have been awesome 2 look forward 2 a family day and even the ride there and back...*sigh* instead I'm in the gf's camery :(

    Have a good one!
  10. I have an ER-5. It's a bit ugly, but I love it. It's got a little juice that you can grow into, at least that's what i've found. I do not find the seat comfy (over the 2 hour mark), and cruising around the net I think that's the general consensus. But maybe still a better size for you than a 250?

    Shit all torque until 3000, it really shakes around 4,500 but after that its nice and smooth. My 2001 has no issue going 150 km/h, and there was room for a little more. I've fish tailed a couple of times in the rain with the rear drum brake (got nervous and stomped too hard). I don't really have a basis of comparison for you. Let me know what you want to know and I'll try to let you know.
  11. Cheers Burn!

    Yeah I had a look @ the GPX today and it's way 2 small for my build, I'm only going to look @ 400cc and u now.

    Read a few reviews on the ER-5 and alot of them said the brakes were a little unsafe but other than that they are bullet proof.

    I'll have a look @ the bike on the weekend see if I like it.

    Going 2 have a look @ a 85 Yamaha SRX6 as well...dont know if I should be going for something that old but I'll have a look anyway :eek:)

    Thanks again!!
  12. The ER-5 is a great bike for learners and at your size would be far better than a 250.

    The 500 twin is bullet proof and will give you the confidence to consentrate on riding rather than worry about riliability issues (which can be a problem with older bikes). It's one of the fastest LAMS bikes on the list and has lots of low end grunt. It can manage 180km happily and spend all day at license loosing speeds but it's no rocket compared to non-LAMS 600's. It does everything competently but is best when used as a touring bike or urban weapon. Being small with good low end grunt makes it perfect for thumping through traffic, responsive and nimble when spitting etc. It's also very comfortable. Soft seat and high bars means most people can sit on them for hours without getting sore.

    Brakes on the ER-5 could be better. The reviews you read are correct in critisizing them but it's not likely to cause you a problem. There is only a single disk on the front and drum on the rear. However, those reviews were written by experienced riders who were comparing them to those on modern superbikes. The bike will not pull up as quickly as a CBR1000 but as a learner you won't need that level of braking power. The brakes are sufficient for your needs and by the time you're pushing your bike beyond it's braking ability you'll probably be off restrictions anyway.

    Mechanically the only issue I found was the radiator fan housing can collect stones which wore a small hole in my radiator. It was only a $50 fix though and I was able to prevent it happening again by making a radiator guard with fly wire.

    When you need to replace the chain, it's worth checking the cush rubbers as they do get a flogging and will wear out before 30,000km.

    Also, as with any Kawasaki, crashing it can (and probably will) be expensive! Don't crash it.;)

    Mine also had the cold start issue that many kawasakis have where the bike stalls when put into 1st gear. Squeezing the clutch a few times as it warmed up was enough to get everything lubed and happy though.

    It's not a sports bike and won't win any races but it's competant and more than enough to keep a learner happy for a long time. It's sure footed and forgiving enough to let you make some mistakes. It's also extremely good in strong cross winds and won't get blown around much. It's definately a good bike. :)

    You might also want to look at a Suzuki GS500. Basically the same as the ER-5 with a little less power but better suspension and brakes. :)
  13. I didn't think the ergs between the er5 & gpx were all that different so beware your 6'2" frame.

    FWIW, I had a gpx & loved it. It was bullet proof and went 300+ kms before needing fuel. The seat wasn't comfy for a 300km ride though.

    I'd prolly er on the side of the er tho - Seany's review is based on experience.
  14. no brainer..... ER5

    No substiute for cubes, in addition to which, it will prob be more comfortable for you.

  15. Sounds like I've got my answer haha thanks for the detailed response Seany and thanks 2 eveyone else!

    I've looked at a few youtube reviews which has helped alot to...I dont know how people learnt anything before google and youtube haha

    Anywho I'll let everyone know how I go and hopefully post up some pics!!

  16. We had to try stuff and figure it out for ourselves, often resulting in blood loss bruises and empty wallets. That's why it was called learning the hard way. :) Technology has helped things but in a way, it may have also taken out some of the fun.:-k
  17. Ok so I looked @ the ER-5 and it looked it really bad nick...it really did look like it'd been sit'n there 4 years and had trouble starting.

    I've had a looked @ a few GPX's and it didnt feel 2 small...sat on it 4 about 15 mins while my gf held it straight haha

    So I've gone with the GPX and I'll be picking it up friday.

    07 GPX with 4300kms and 10 months rego for $4300 which seems like a pretty sweet deal.

    AAAANNNNYYWAY I'm sooooo f'n excited and these next 3 day @ work are going 2 go soooo slow!

    Thanks again for all your help and look 4ward 2 being part of the crew.

    I'm going 2 give every biker I see the biggest nod, little do they know I'm grining like an idiot under that helmet haha
  18. Congratulations mate, that's excellent value for money, considering the bike would have cost $6k new. It's a brilliant first motorbike, and you'll never get tired of the 400 km fuel range, and tyre expenditure being half that of a 600cc motorbike. This means you can just ride and ride and ride!!

    Remember to assume other drivers haven't seen you, watch out for road surfacing (oil, gravel, painted arrows, wet tarmac), and take corners slower than you would in your car while you're getting to grips with this "counter-steering" phenomenon.

    Motorcycling is a wonderfully involving hobby, and for many, a lifestyle. Little can match the freedom and the adrenalin rush of being on two wheels. Have a blast, mate!
  19. God work, and good buy! Seen plenty of shagged GPX's going for silly money simply because people know them and want a recognised ride. Keep up the love to it (read 'maintenance') and it'll pull you through anything.

    Avagoodwun - boingk
  20. Cheers guys...yeah I'm gonna take it real easier for a while till I find my feet...not gonna try be the big hero and end up on my arse.

    Everybody tells me the wind is the thing that gets them when they first start riding so I'm a bit worried about that one.

    I found a sweet website with tonnes of info for the gpx www.ninja250.org its got how to's on evey section of the bike so I'm looking forward to doing all the servicing myself.

    2 more sleeps!!! ziiiiiiing