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Which Bike for trails - Help Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by scalleia, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am planing on getting a trail bike and would really value anyones opinion on my choices (or maybe suggest something I have not thought about yet). Anyway I ride a road bike, but it has been about 25 years since I have ridden a trail bike. As I approach 40 I reckon the bones will be a little less forgiving than they used to be so I won't be doing any mad motocross stuff or anything like that. It is for a holiday house and will only be used when I am there for bashing around in the National Park. As it's for a holiday house and occasional use I want something that is very reliable and that requires little maintenance. I also want something fun and something that will not leave me wanting more once I get back into it. So my coices so far are:

    1) Yamaha TTR250.
    - Not really a contender, unless I am wrong. Have not found many reviews.
    2) Kawasaki KLX250R
    Quite like, but reviews state that it is lacking power at the bottom end and I worry that it won't be up to the job. Cheaper than the Honda XR but told that it will not last as well and is a cheaper build.
    3) Honda XR250L
    Like the stated reliability, a bit more expensive that the Kawasaki, but worried that it will also be too soft for good trail riding. Also same price as the 06 (last years) CRF, which will be a much better performer.
    4) Honda CRF250X
    Same price (06 model heavily discounted at present) as the XR250L, reviews state that it is a great performer, will certainly have better riding and power over the XR250L BUT am worried about the regular maintenance required and maybe then for occasional use at a holiday house is not the best option. Also most riding will likely be me on my own so want something that will always get me home.

    Also the Honda 250R is meant to be better than the L in terms of ride and especially bottom end power but is not made, so will have to get second hand which I rather new, and also like the idea of electric start (although not totally necessary)

    I could change the air filter / exhaust to get some more power. Does anyone know if this would make a noticeable difference. Also the tires.

    Anyway what are your thoughts ?


  2. Personaly if you want new, and:
    Ease of riding
    Low maintaiance
    Road regable (even later down the track)

  3. I have just bought a yammy ttr 250 and love it.

    My legs are a little short, but on the toes when stopped are OK. I am going to shave the seat down for easier stopping balance.

    In "bike reviews etc" not so long ago I started a thread "yammy ttr250" and someone with a lot more computer skills posted links to a great TTR site www.ttr250.com I think.

  4. Hmmm the TTR, I wasn't really considering it. What made you choose the Yammy ? What sort of riding / experience ?

    Maybe I should have a more serious look at it.
  5. Nothing wrong with Honda's. 250R AFAIK stands for "race" so is going to be a much better performing bike.

    Check the service schedule, don't know if they are normal like the "L"

    Tyres should be pretty good on all newish bikes - very off-road biased.

    I know bugger all about the 250's, but would think an exhaust, air filter and carby mod would improve things. Why not ride it all stock and see how it goes before you spend more money. If you haven't ridden for a while am sure you'll be surprised at the performance of the modern 250 trailie :cool:
  6. I like the Kawasaki KLX250R because its water cooled :dance:
  7. Is that because a big stick in the radiator is so easy to fix when your in the bush in the middle of nowhere? Water cooled is nice, but there are draw backs.

    I like the DRZ, although you can't beat the reliability of the XR, after 500,000,000 years of making basically the same bike, they have it refined pretty well. Personally I am looking for a KTM, just coz I like 'em :grin:

    Are the CRF's really that cheap? Can they be reg'd?
  8. Yes initially I liked the idea of liquid cooled however just another thing to go wrong and as it will receive little maintenance then probably best to stick with air cooling.

    Yeah the deals on last years CRF's are very good and in fact I think the XR works out to be a bit more, or if not then there is nothing in it which is the problem as my head says that out of the Honda's the XR is the right choice but my heart says for the same dollars a CRF would be more fun and a much better buy (except for the maintenance/reliability)

    Oh and yeah they can be registered but not sure how good to ride on the road.

    Hmmm .....
  9. and youll never get bored on one.
  10. As the longterm owner of an XR250 i have to say they are great bikes, But if i had spare cash laying around id be selling it and getting a WR250F/WR450F.

    Hell on wheels!

  11. The klx250 breathing problems can be fixed easily with the "free mods" mentioned on this page go to page 110 on this thread
    to see peoples mods they seem to love the bike and some of the guys have 14000 km's with no dramas!
    Oh and i almost forgot try and convince your dealer to throw in the big bore 300cc kit its all kawa genuine parts :D
  12. Don't really want to ride on the road, just to get to the bush which is 5 mins down the road from me, so I don't want to trailer such a short distance. :grin:
  13. XR250 is a fantastic solid dirt bike, however by todays standards, does suffer from a lack of power. You will get used to what it's got on tap after a short while.
    The crf is right up there in terms of power and technology, and will take some time and cahunas to master, but the trade off (as already touched on) is the maintenance/upkeep.

    Out of the bikes listed, I would lean towards the KLX. it's almost a mix of the two.

    Ever considered XR400? More cubes = more power with not too much of a weight increase. Still old school enough to not warrant an oil change with every ride..... Can be found for a pretty penny, and there are heaps of aftermarket parts for them.

    Just my 2 cents....
  14. This exact thing happened to a mate of mine..! No water = no go....