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Which bike for the old man?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxrjames, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    My dad's interest in getting a bike after about 7years without and I'm racking my brain trying to think of something worth recommending. He's had sports bikes and harleys before and is now looking for a sports touring bike, likely to be used for commuting and occasional weekend ride.
    Basic criteria;

    - Upright position (bad back)
    - Mid size
    - Reasonably cheap
    - Reliable
    - Won't depreciate rapidly (in case he changes mind)
    - Something a bit unique or different (not a must)

    I think a street tripple would be best, but fails the cheap criteria.
    Others I've thought of are Fz6 and z750.

    Any other ideas? I don't know much about this type of bike.


    Also, it would be good if it could keep up with me :D
  2. I have a hornet 900, nice upright position bit of grunt too, theres a guy on here selling a lovely suzi 1300 gsx I think it is, same as the hornet but with arm ripping power!!
    check bikes for sale on here, lovely looking bike too.. good luck with the search..
  3. if he's looking for sports tourers...

    wouldn't a triumph sprint be a better choice than a speed triple?

    do you mean mid-size as in a honda VFR800 or mid size as in suzuki GSF1250?

    if he wants something unusual i believe BMW make a six-cylinder tourer...

    or maybe a tiger 800 / v-strom 650 might be easier on his back?

    other than that i've heard fz6's are good bang for cheap (relative) buck.
  4. Beware of buying a bike with a more upright riding position because of a bad back.
    There are bad backs and bad backs.....I have bulging discs in my lower spine and find sports bikes more comfortable than more upright bikes because of the way the different riding positions make you back bend. Also, more upright riding positions transfer road shocks more directly up the spine than something a bit more sporty.
    For me, cruisers are the worst!
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  5. Agree, he would probably be best on something with a 10 degree or so lean forward. Check out cycle ergo site for comparisons.
  6. have you thought about maybe renting a bike for a week or so and see how he goes with the seating position? I know logice costs money but in long term he will enjoy the ride
  7. Also agree...
    He needs to have an idea of what his issues are and what angle his back feels more comfortable with.

    There's upright and there's upright...
    Some cruisers will have you sitting fairly straight up, an issue with many particularly on not so smooth roads.
    Other bike styles although upright will still have you slightly forward like how I'm sitting on my TDM and works for me.

    It's def not a one size fits all as back issues differ between people.
    I'd be getting him into show rooms sitting on different types at the least..
  8. I was going to suggest a Bandit 1250, but it certainly fails 2 of your criteria. It depreciates rapidly and being unique isn't something they are known for. And it's not what you'd call mid sized, although it only has around 100hp.
  9. An older Bandit 1200 pretty much ticks all the boxes, though not really a tourer. An absolute steal for what they are and do, and won't depreciate.
  10. You might want to check out the Bonneville or the Kawasaki W650, I really don't think that a FZ1 or the like is really a good bike for a returning rider. The stats show that returning riders are fairly likely to have an accident. Something a bit more sedate would be a better proposition.

    But I will be probably be called the fun police for suggesting it.
  11. Oh I don't know about that. Mines pretty damn comfortable and my son (regular pillion) reckons the pillion seat is the ducks guts, better than a R1200RT or Harley ElectraGlide classic. Mind you it must be said that on longer more boring rides he is generally asleep anyway.
  12. Ok, you're the fun police.......

    Seriously though it eepends on how long it's been since he's ridden. If the CB750 Four was brand new the last time he rode, then I'd agree with you.

    But, if it's in the last 5-10 years then I don't see an issue. Up to him really.

    My suggestion would be for the old bloke to ride everything he could get his arse on and then buy the one he likes the most.
  13. The OP says 7 years, and then he was riding sportsbikes and Harleys, if the last sportsbike that you rode was a 90s 750cc then that is a bit different to a new FZ1 (it does have a R1 engine).

    He was looking for advice, it is something that you need to be conscious of, I would say that 7 years without riding would make you pretty rusty. Its not my head that is going to be in the tree.
  14. Thanks guys.
    Just to clarify, by sports touring I just mean not a super-sport. Doesn't need to be a 'touring' bike. By mid-size I mean between 600-1000cc. My terminology's pretty shocking...

    The back issue is definitely with leaning forward. Upright or a sight lean isn't an issue.

    I think the FZ1 or FZ6 would fit the bill nicely. Not sure about a VFR or Hornet. They're nice bikes but I think he'd see them as too 'common.'

    Tiger 800 is nice but probably too pricey. Probably looking at under $7k

    At the moment we're just trying to piece together a list for him to test so keep the recommendations coming.

    Any thoughts on a Cagiva Raptor? Cheap, unique, upright, reliableish (suzuki v-twin)...
  15. Yes but if the last bike he rode was a Hayabusa then an FZ1 won't present much of an issue.

    Asking advice about what bike to get is a dubious exercise at the best of times. Asking advice on behalf of another person is more so.
  16. He's told me he doesn't want anything overly powerful but I'm sure he'd change his mind after a month of owning a sluggish bike.

    He will be rusty but not terrible, he's ridden mine a few times over the past few years and has been riding on and off for 30ish years.

    I think his last big bike was a cbr1000f. He then dabbled in a few tractors (sportster and heritage classic I think).

    Don't think he'd be interested in a 1200 or 1300 bandit or FJR mostly due to the size. Could be wrong though.

    The big naked sports bikes of the 90's he will most likely be aware of. So I guess I'm after more recent/unusual recommendations.

    Like I said. I know he'll have to go testing. This is just to get a rough idea of what to test.

  17. Don't write off the Bandit because it's over 1000 ccs. It's 100 hp, but the *point* is the grunt and the easy torque that makes it fun and easy to ride around. The FZ's are very nice bikes, and by all means grab one if it comes up, but they do have a peakier power curve and less torque than the Bandit.

    (OK, I shut up now!)
  18. I rode the FZ6 but I didnt like it too cheap and plasticky for me.

    I owned a SV1000S which has the same engine as the Raptor, nice engine in that bike plenty of torque, suspension was not that great, the Cagiva might be better.
  19. I've heard the suz v-twin is an awesome engine. Ok, so far I think we'll look at;
    - Cagiva Raptor
    - SV1000
    - Bandit
    - FZ6
    - Hornet

    He'd probably even consider an injected Hyo GT650...

    Time to go testing.