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which bike for me??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sez, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. hi. im 20 female live in melb, and am about 170cm tall i was just wondering what thoughts you guys have about what bike to get for my first. i really like the look of the kawaski gpx250 but i don't really know much about bikes. im also looking at the suzuki gsf250 and the honda cb250 but im really not sure whats best for me

  2. cant go wrong with a GPX, cheap, reliable, easy to ride, stack well and arent too slow for a 250.
  3. +1 for the gpx250. i currently ride one and is also my first. can't complain with it. and is it fast you asked? just twist that right wrist and you'll find out ;)
  4. Go for a twin (gpx or cb), the four cyclinder (gsf250) will have more performance, but forget about that for now.

    Twins can be bought for cheaper, and are cheaper to get serviced (or very easy if you're willing to do it yourself!).
  5. thanks guys alot of help.ill be dragging my dad along to help me look at some bikes with me in the near future... i still have a little saving to do but am looking at buying on near the end of winter and getting my l's around august as well
  6. Take each recommendation given with a grain of salt (no offence guys) as a fair few riders have really only ridden one 250...the one they own so they can be a bit biased.

    On that note, can't go wrong with a VTR250 :p.
  7. I'm second that!!! :LOL:
  8. +1 for the VTR250 :grin:
  9. Some of the 250cc you can buy new atm:


  10. spada... its a vtr without vtr written on it :p

    of course im biased but i rode a couple of bikes before i got the spada e.g gpx, zzr, zeal but liked the ease of the twin but in saying that a gpx would be second choice
  11. The VTR is probably the best all round 250 you can get. However price will play a factor as their popularity keeps re-sale prices fairly high.

    Of the CB and GPX you can't go far wrong with either. The CB is more solidly built and will complain less if it doesn't get regular servicing and care. They are extrememly reliable and economical transport that do their job exceptionally well. The GPX is also a reliable bike but likes to be serviced regularly. It will be more comfortable in bad weather as it has a fairing but more expensive to drop. The GPX will have a higher top speed (~160V's~140) which may come in handy on the open road as a CB will start to stuggle at 110 in a stong head wind or up hills. Both of these bikes get the thumbs up from me.

    Sticking with twins, the ZZR250 shares (or very similar) an engine with the GPX but has a different fairing and frame. It is a more aerodynamic bike and from all observations a little more sturdy. There is also the Honda Spada. This is similar to the VTR but as they were only made in 89, they are older and can be found a bit cheaper. Definately worth a look.

    Four cylinder 250's are a whole lot of fun to ride, but I'm not convinced they're worth the money. They are certainly better performers on the open road and overtaking will be much easier, but only in 100+ speed limits will the advantages become clear. Around town, the twins lower rev power delivery makes them a far more enjoyable and user friendly bike.
  12. I'd split the 250 market up into a couple of categories.. then just pick which ever takes your fancy and your budget permits...

    Cheap & cheerful... ($1000-3200)
    GPX250 (parallel twin)
    Spada (v-twin)
    CB (parallel twin:- ok, kinda boring rather than cheerful but still very reliable)
    ZZR (parallel twin:- a little more $$$ but you get fairings - both a good & bad thing)

    Moderately priced and entertaining... ($2500-3800)
    VTR (v-twin)
    GT250L (v-twin:- the naked version of the GT250R, Korean quality... be it a good or bad thing)
    Bandit (inline 4:- the most fun i've ever had on an inline-4 naked bike! Not sure why i just love 'em)
    FZR[2KR/3LN1-7] (inline 4:- generally the cheapest of the inline 4 screamers. Goes like a rocket if it's tuned well, as with all inline 4's not the friendliest to ride around town as it's such a high revving bike)
    CBR250R[MC19] (slightly more than the FZR but about on par performance wise)
    ZXR250[A] (inline-4:- kwaka's original 4 pot screamer. A little ugly (very CBR'ish) but you get the wanna-be ram air pipes and USD forks on some)

    More expensive but more fun... ($3200-$4500)
    CBR250RR[MC21] (inline-4:- newer than the MC19 with a few improvements. Be careful as not all CBR's labelled as RR's are actually MC21's)
    GT250R (v-twin:- very popular atm given it's looks, moderate performance and a reasonable price tag)
    ZXR250[C] (inline-4:- kwaka's inline 4 screamer. Nice looker and decent go'er)

    Money is no object pocket rockets for big big fun! ($4500+)
    RS250 (2 stroker:- Italian screamer with a race bred heritage(w/ RGV engine))
    RGV250 (2 stroker: a little more puppy fat than the RS250 with a lower price tag. Still a rocket and a weapon in the wrong hands)

    There's plenty of other bikes out there... but those are the main ones.
  13. i had, and still have it. a gsf250.. best fun.. didnt like the other choices i had (zzr, gpx or across).. best fun.. i have more fun on the bandit then my gsxr750.. the bandit doesnt speed too much, well not compared to my gixxer.. if i had the money i woulda had a aprillia rs250 sittin under the house.. i dont care if i was to tall for it(6ft 5), i wanted it!! :D
  14. There wasn't a lot sold in Oz, but what about a Yamaha SRV250? Reliable (more or less a Virago 250 engine in a sportier frame) and generally a lot of fun. It is tall-ish to sit on, for a 250. People can give you heaps of advice, best is look at what is round, visit websites and stores and make your own choice.
  15. thanks guys youve been alot of help specially koma with your breakdown on bikes, forgive me if im asking silly questions but i don't want to but a bike just cause it looks good. i did that with cars and ended up regreting it.
  16. bout the srv250, awsome lil bike it is, wish I got it instead, the diff between the engine on the virago and the srv, is the srv has 2 carbs where the virago only has one, which gives a couple of extra hp,