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Which bike fits the bill..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. I am considering a trip sometime from Southern Queensland to Perth via Sydney. I don't want to ride both ways, and don't want to put my bike on a train before I start the trip. I want to buy a used bike 'over east', ride it back and sell it again. Soooo.....WHICH BIKE SHOULD I CHOOSE?

    Essential criteria are........it must;

    1. cost less than $3000 in good sound (pretty not required), condition
    2. be genuinely comfortable 2 up, with a riding position suitable for touring
    3. be mechanically reliable
    4. have at least 250k (and preferably more), fuel range
    5. be easy to load up with luggage
    6. easy access to parts
    7. be at least 600cc

    Suggestions anyone?
  2. I hear Coconuts may have one or two bikes...
  3. I will ignore for the moment that that particular K100RS has no RWC, and the CBR1000 is at a wreckers!

    They and the GS are good suggestions and were already on 'my' list. In fact one of them is my first choice, but I will wait and see if anybody comes up with more suggestions before I say which.
  4. Ok for that sort of money you are going to have to buy something a bit cheaper and expect to spend a bit on maintenance before the trip.

    Think early 80's.
    gs850/1000, GSX1100 (not the r)
    cbr1000 (rolla door)

    Alternativly maybe a rf750. the early one with the double sided swing arm.
  5. Now that's one I didn't think of.....damn fine bike for touring too.

  6. Now that is a pretty good buy....If I was over there now I would be very very tempted.
  7. I also saw a GSX750 at the same site, although it is right at the top of your budget, which doesn't allow any spare cash for consumables etc.
    (RWC has also run out, although I would ask for another.)

    So hard. Get the right bike and you're laughing, whatever the age/ vintage, get a bad one and... well, you know. So easy to get a moneypit.

    Hope you find what you are looking for. You'll have to keep us updated (well, you don't have to, of course, but it'd be nice if you did :) ).
  8. At this stage its really all research. The trip is genuine though, but not until the end of summer/beginning of autumn. I have done this before and actually made a profit on the old but well maintained GS550E I chose last time, even after buying a new chain. This time I will be 2 up, so a bit more grunt would be nice though.
  9. I have a mate in Canberra who's looking for a bike at the moment and that would suit him down to the ground...will email him the details.

  10. Talk to glitch_oz, I'd wager he'd do the trip on a vespa if it meant getting out there :LOL:
  11. Another good suggestion that I missed myself........I'm beginning to feel spoilt for choice! My current fave is a K series Beemer. They can be reasonably cheap,and while they do go bye-bye like any bike, they tend not to do it so suddenly, they usually die slowly with plenty of early warning.
  12. I agree about the K series.
    They are probably the most mechanically reliable bike ever built by BMW. The things to look out for are the drive shaft splines - if they've been greased every 6 months or so (simple job) then they'll last a long time.

    The other thing is the electrics - specifically the instruments and the relays. If they're working then they're working and probably will stay that way... If you look at something that's not working then it can be expensive for parts.

    In Melbourne Discount Motorcycle Wreckers in Coburg are good for K series bits.

    The only other issue with a K series is that they put out a good deal of heat - especially the fully faired RT's. Not so good in summer... On the other hand - if it's wet or cold they are wonderful...

    Tech info on the K series is available at http://www.ibmwr.org/ktech.shtml

  13. Hey inci, you should be promoting this as a group ride.........
  14. Hey thats an idea! I could meet different groups of netnutters on different legs of the trip for a blast. Anybody want to go the whole way?
  15. Jeez, I'm coming across as THAT desperate? :)
    You might win the bet though :LOL:
    Kwaka GTR1000 would be another choice...

  16. GTR1000 is my No 2 choice. Problem is they hold their price very well and a good one will probably be over my budget. Owners tend to hang on to them because they are just so easy to own. You can get them cheaply, but they have usually done about 7 million k's and are totally shagged.