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which bike - contentious topic I know

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by glenby, May 23, 2006.

  1. People,
    I am a short person who is going to do at least a lap of Oz on a motorbike.
    It will hopefully take over 6months and I'll be camping etc (living off the bike).

    My biiiig question is - which bike to buy.
    I wont be doing off road stuff and am sorta stuck between a bmw RT or a honda st1300. FJR is there too but is a 3rd option.

    I am not in a hurry and want to do it comfortably.
    My probs with a bmw is (if) if breaks down - how many service centres are there around oz outside capital cities (not many) versus the honda with a radiator.

    I am leaning towards the beemer at this stage.
    Can anyone shed light on this?
    Are the BMW's that reliable?

    Please help

  2. First - never take a brand new vehicle anywhere far from home

    Second: people make stone guards for radiators (and oil coolers) and have been doing so for many years.

    Third: BMW and Honda at least do roadside assistance - nrma etc will take care of yamaha if not for very little extra.

    Forth - always ALWAYS buy the bike that you sat on, test rode, lusted over and made you smile the most.

    Fifth: yes, any of those would have the same reliability issues and failure rates
  3. in one word - yes, they are that reliable.

    So are Honda, so are Suzuki so are...etc

    Hell - a friend of mine did Canberra, Whyalla, Ayers Rock, Tennant Creek etc. to Canberra on his Harley and his only problem was a sore backside.

    You shouldn't need to fear breakdowns on any reasonably modern bike - especially on road. I suggest you look at what's available as a motorcycle breakdown option from the RACV, NRMA or whatever (you don't say where you are) and take it out - that will at least cover some of the costs of recovery if you do have a problem.

    Outside the major centres there will not be parts immediately available for large road bikes - of whatever make.

    Try to test ride all of them - you say you are short, then that will make a difference. There are low seat options for BMWs, I don't know what's available for the others.

    My preference is for the BMW - that's a personal preference aas I've ridden a few of them and I find them comfortable and tremendous touring bikes. But that's purely personal and you'll need to make your decision based on what you're happy with. For a trip like that you'll need to make sure you are comfortable before you leave and it might be that either of your other choices is better for you personally.