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Which bike.. based on exhaust note, engine sound!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jaytee, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. To me , when looking for a bike i look at 3 things.

    How the bike looks, its character (gotta love twin exhaust pipes)!
    The bike build quality..
    How the bike sounds, its soul (gotta have some mongrel in it)...

    When I'm off my P's I will be looking at something like an Ape, Triple R, Monster etc..

    I think naked bikes are awesome, and i don't want my bike to sound like a


    I bought my V8 for the same reason, because I've always loved the sound.

    Speed isn't a factor to me.. Looks, build and sound are.

    Based on the 2nd factor, what do you think is your/the best sounding bike (factory)?

    Release the Kraken!!
  2. .. any V4 with a good pipe sounds like half a V8....
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  3. Shiver - with Akars fitted and baffles removed.

    Sexy as hell for a naked
    Relatively cheap for an Italian
    Twin sound
    Snap crackle and pop on declaration

    I am grinning like and absolute idiot every time I ride it even commuting up and down Blackburn Road.

    Yes I am completely biased ................

    See you are in Melbourne, give me a yell if you want to come and hear her, I am in live Nunawading, work in Clayton - 0400 119 628

    Cheers Jeremy
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  4. I share a similar philosophy - once you get to a certain point performance-wise, it becomes irrelevant to me. So it's handling/brakes, sound and looks that will sway me.

    So my choices (with at least a decent slip-on pipe unless otherwise specified, because life's too short for stock exhausts):
    • Any big (>750cc) air-cooled Ducati - I voted with my wallet with this one
    • VFR800 with Staintune - magical combo
    • Husky Nuda 900 - even the OEM exhaust sounds great
    • 09-onwards Yamaha R1
    • MV Agusta 800 (any model)
    But honestly, I appreciate the sound of any motorcycle engine that isn't a flatplane inline-4, 180-degree parallel twin or small thumper, with the right augmentation of course.
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  5. The Shiver is a nice sounding bike, BitSarBitSar has one and was on the around the bay cruise.. Something about that dual exhaust is just magic.
  6. I actually really like the sound coming out of the six on a BMW K1600. At full throttle they sound like an old inline six sports car like an E-Type or a DB5 Aston :p

    Would I own one?


    To the big bang 09+ R1 though....(y)
  7. Pick a V twin, any V twin and you have the best noise made by a motorcycle. But there is nothing more seductive than the sound of a Ducati 916 at full noise.
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  8. I have a VTR250 with an aftermarket pipe, it sounds ok....

    Certainly not the best sound coming out of a motorcycle.
  9. For your enjoyment

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  10. Nice video, that 748 sounds nice.
  11. I can tell you that without a pipe, Bandit's do not sound good.
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  12. What Jem said! And see the thread womble mentioned (I have a nice link on that one for Shiver with Akra's...)
  13. My wallpaper at work is an Ape.. so i can appreciate your comments... I thought i'd stimulate some conversation and ideas :)

    This is the wallpaper btw

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  14. Yes I think my favourite but I do have a soft spot for the 6 cylinder CBX1000 at time 3:30
  15. I love the sound of triples. One of the reasons I got my mt09 (with akra, without baffle) it burbles and sounds cranky when putting around but really screams at high revs, the way it crackles and pops on deceleration ( maybe means it's running rich?, but does sound awesome!) and just how obnoxiously loud it is. A guy a couple houses down from me has a street triple r. Sounds awesome as well.
    600 i4s sound pretty cool revving out to 16k! Something about that whine, kind of like a worked 13b rotor, kind of.
    Was riding behind a 1198 duc with termigoni exhausts In the city the other day, lovely also! Ducati sound never quite comes across on recording though, in person they sound sweet.
    I even like the sound of a yz450 brapping thru the forest or ever better an old Yama 500 2 stroke going up a sand hill haha.
    Bike sounds are awesome.
  16. Norton F1 would probably top the list or an Aprilia RSV4 with a Bodis system, followed by a 1098/1198.
  17. This
    And this
    Just bought a 5th gen VFR 800 with staintune slip on and let just say that I don't play music in my helmet anymore(y)
    Also last week when getting my suspension done an older Aprilla RSV4 rocked up and it just sounded amazing. Even Terry Hay from Shock Treatment came back from testing this bike with a grin on his face.
    So V4's are a winner for me!!
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  18. You can use a "real" one instead:
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  19. Nice BitSarBitSar .. got a closer one sans helmet?

    I also use a mac so your pic looks like an 8 bit wallpaper with that res.. :)