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Which bike are you lusting after today (post pic)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Vertical C, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. You must post a pic to nominate a bike.

    As the title says what bike are you lusting after at the moment, whether it be your next bike or your dream bike

    Today mine is the F3.... though that may change as I am fickle and the thing does look a bit small to be comfortable


  2. she DOES look like she needs fattening up, reckon those bones would hurt a but too lol
  3. the only logical replacement for the Hornet now Honda no longer sell the Hornet

  4. The Tuono is definitely hawt.

    Think I'm still tossing up between a Superduke and a B-King though...

    Edit: Ooops, missed the pic-posting requirement. Since JimmyD already took care of the Superduke lust, here's a B-King for yez:


    (this one is blown for added silliness)
  5. This: :D

    This one has two pipes, the one I used to have had one. Wish I still had it!

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  6. ktm superduke R.

  7. I just luv it ....

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  8. Bugger .. I'm only allowed one ..so it's the Victory 8 Ball, but tomorrow I will probably have another bike I lust over.

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  9. I'm starting to think that the next bike I own for pleasure (rather than as a utilitarian ride-to-work hack) needs to be a Harley. Because I'm a cheapskate it needs to be a cheap Harley. Because I'm a big, fat cheapskate, it needs to be a reasonably big Harley, so no Sportsters.

    Given the above, it's likely to be either an AMF era Electraglide with all the heavy crap stripped off to make a traditional bobber.

    Or an AMF era FXE/R similarly stripped.

    Either would need to have a whacking great S&S carb hanging out of the side, making it impossible to ride comfortably due to the inevitable carb/knee interface, 'cos that's what used to impress the crap out of me when I was young :D.

    Neither photo is exactly what I want but were the best I could find at short notice.
  10. if you DO, pat, you'll have to change your sig :LOL:
  11. That's why I put "today" in the title, you get to change your mind tomorrow :)

    Nice bikes all, good to see the diversity of tastes that we have.
  12. Man I'm thinking that maybe I want an XR650L rather than my DR650 for more roominess, rather than going through bullshit to make my DR650 less cramped which the main reason for is really the bad design of the ergonomics and can't really be completely fixed. Unfortunately my DR has so many scratches and bruises that I don't think I could get enough money for it to buy an XR650L and get it on the road :(
  13. Oh, I fully expect to have to rebuild it :D.

    The trouble with machinery with a reputation for being fixable by a monkey with a lump hammer is that, guess what, it tends to get fixed by monkeys with lump hammers with predictable results :LOL:.
  14. Today, tomorrow...lifes hell, just give me all 3....please

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  15. Ducati Panigale Tricolore S

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  16. MV Agusta Brutale 675

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  17. Tiger Explorer 1200
    Single sided swingarm, shaft driven...........Yeah babey.....

    I'm also getting lazy about taking care of my chain....:p
    And 135hp on this sort of bike isn't bad either putting it ahead of the Yammy super Tenere and BMW GS1200.

  18. 09 ZX10, but I would add some sort of improved induction.

  19. Today? Any. This would do: