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Which Bike?? And What to look for in a second hand deal.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by corrupt_tiki, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hi I just got my L's the other day and am now eagerly looking for my first road ride.

    I am looking for something exciting to ride with as much power and acceleration as I can get; I am wondering if there is a way of unrestricting some learner legal bikes to turn them from mild to wild.

    I was thinking of one the GP250 bikes, but my workmate says if the boys in blue catch me on one of them I may as well be on a GSX1000, I've already been crucified by them for traffic offences.

    I am standard height(about 6ft), and medium to slim build, and have years of experience on motocross bikes.

    I Currently own a CRF450R, and was looking to get something with some get up and go, that I'll find hard to kill, also I am in Adelaide, Currently looking at the CBR 250s and RVF 400s in the 3-5g price range.

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. Welcome to NR.
    You just got your learners and all your emphasis seems to be centred around speed, power and eluding the cops?
    Why not buy a litre bike .. seems your gonna get nabbed anyway, may as well be on something BIG.
    Good Luck.

    PS: I hope we dont get to read a 'rider-down' thread from you too soon.
    Be Careful .. we are not invincible
  3. Mind you, VCM, he's been on the fast trailies for a while by the sound of it.

    Still, tiki, I'd recommend an RVF400 if you have the dough, as the most powerful of the LAMS bikes. I wouldn't recommend doing any illegal tinkering with the restricted larger bikes... and apart from the Ducati, which is no fireball even unrestricted (but still a nice bike), none of them are that exciting anyway, and you're probably better off with the RVF handling-wise.
  4. PS A hint though: Don't pay Sumoto 10 grand for an RVF
  5. Thanks for the replies, I sort of got the impression that sumoto was one of those bike shops, 10 grand for a second hand bike, I could get an Aprilia 450 for that much...

    Yeah I do like the look of the RVF400s and I wasn't expecting any of the LAMS bikes to be rocketships, was just more hoping that if I could get them unrestricted, bigger carbys, different gearing, race tuned, debaffled etc they would be a bit more exciting to ride and be able to do a few country kms and maybe a little bit of track work.

    The main problem with the RVF400s is that they seem to be really hard to find in Adelaide, almost as hard as looking for an NSR250.

    Does anyone know of any good motorcycle importers in Adelaide?
  6. There may be a limit on power/weight - but there isn't one on torque/weight.
    If you want something exciting and suitable for the track - buy a Motard (or build one from a cheap, LAMS legal, dirtbike).
  7. Yeah that is a good idea JD, however I have looked into it a bit, the bike I owned before the CRF450R was the Honda CRF250X which is a motocross bike with the bare minimum attached to it to turn it into a road registered enduro bike, it was good had heaps of torque and was fun to ride, however when I looked into turning it into a commuter I found a couple of problems.

    The main problem is that the design of the whole bike is centered around hardcore off road use (sit on one, the seat is just for looks i assure you) and as such the gearbox is not designed to take the stress of riding on the road all the time, it is made to be used on surfaces that have much less traction than bitumen or even gravel.

    If you wanted to use one of these you would need to buy a cush drive hub for the rear wheel, these retail for about 800$$ or so, on top of that you would have to buy new rims, because road tyres are alot wider than the off road knobblies it was designed to run, a set of excel rims will set you back about 400-500 dollars for both I think, then you have to get them spoked etc....

    Im sure there are a few more costs but I can't think of them now, and on top of all that you still have to pay for a half decent bike 4-5g so it's too far out of my price range at the moment.
  8. Fair point. But although it may be pricey to convert it doesn't add much to their used value - so you do sometimes see pre-motarded bikes relatively heap. Could also try and save an extra grand or so - I've seen second hand DRX400SMs and XT660s that are only a few years old as low as 6k.
    There's a fair chance a 4-5k RVF could wind up costing that much or more if its been neglected/thrashed by a previous owner.

    Oh and another option you might want to consider is the Yamaha SZR660. It's the XT660 engine in the frame of a sports 250, with Italian suspension and brakes. It was basically purpose built for racing so you're not likely to get bored with it, and it is LAMS approved.
  9. I have decided to go for a 125GP bike, I know it will be gutless but I can't think of any other way for this to go, I will try and mod it to suck as much power as I can out of the engine - Will let you guys know how it goes.

    The reason for my decision was that after riding a CBR250RR and a Cagiva Mito 125 and Aprilia 125 I decided I liked the feel of a proper race bike, not a wannabe race bike, also the 250 is easy to ride and is like a wind up electric toy, if I wanna be fast on the 125 I have to make it work for me, I like that, not something any old joeblog can do.

    And all in all 5000 would have gotten me a 1990's roadie (with a new paintjob mind you), probably been thrashed to hell, with no service history (most are shipped over from japan) and no books (the books they come with are again, in japanese.) and if I wanted to import one (the RVF400) I have been told getting the compliance plate put on alone is about 1 - 2 grand, and I do not have that sort of money to burn.

    Where as for 4000 I can get a nice european bike (Cagiva, Aprilia) in the 2002 - 2006 range, with a good service record, from someone who hopefully looked after it.
  10. Why not the 250 Aprilia?
  11. Because 250GP bikes are really hard to find, noone makes them anymore, and also they are explicitly stated that they are not learner approved, I don't want to get pulled up when I am just putting around town.

    So I am going to hopefully get this RS125 and derestrict it, then well see what it can really do.
  12. Ah OK, yeah, sorry, forgot about the vanishing 2smokes in the LAMS states.
  13. Get yourself a suzuki rgv 250.
    Its basically a race 250 2 stroke with a headlight(thats pretty useless).
  14. Again, with the GP250

    Not allowed the following bikes:

    Suzuki RGV250
    Honda NSR250
    Kawasaki KR250 KR1 and KR2
    APRILIA RS 250
    YAMAHA -- can't remember this one...I hate yamahas anyway, rather be f*cked up the ass by 20 aids victims.

    Would love one of these, almost kill for one.

    However there is a reason that they are impossible to find in some states, thanks to LAMS, I am not allowed a half arsed motorcycle, thanks to people thinking they know everything.
  15. I was wondering, how do you tell a heap of sh*t CBR250RR from a good/half decent one??

    And would an RS125 (fully derestricted) be able to outmenuver and out accelerate a CBR250RR??

    And also, I have heard a few stories of the RS' going pop when spirited riding is applied, how true is this?, and how spirited does it have to be before the horrible bang?