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which bike after im off my p-plates would you guys choose??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hyo_duc, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. ok so in a year (although its a while to go, i like to be prepared) i am looking at purchasing a new bike. i currently have a hyosung gt250r (dont cringe please, she has been fantastic to me), and i have a lineup of bike im looking at. they are:
    triumph daytona 675, speed triple, street triple,
    ducati 848, streetfighter
    suzuki gsxr 750/1000
    the bike i chose pretty much suit what i want. if im to get a supersport or such i will keep the hyosung for everyday commuting. i know most of you will say it comes down to personal preference, what work sin price and ergonomics etc. just seeking what other people would think and choose.
    and btw i as you can see prefer something unique/individual, not an r1 which every 2nd bike on the road is. also i must mention if i am to get a superbike i would like to keep it for long time.
    so whats your suggestions?

  2. There are a lot of GSX-R1000s and 750s around too, but for a bike you can fang the twisties with, or tour the nation, I don't reckon you could go past the GSX-R750.....
  3. Daytona 675 or ducati 848 would be the more unique of those bikes and great for having fun on the road without feeling like you're too restricted (like most litre bikes). Enjoy your new bike when you eventually get it :grin:
  4. Is look or performance more important?
    If you just want an individual looking bike, then your short list covers it (Though let’s face it GSXR’s are a dime a dozen at the moment) if you want the performance, then keep the Yammys in mind and Definitely try out the CBR600RR
  5. Daytona 675 if your after something a little unique. It's on my shopping list, I love the way those triples sound!
  6. +1 gsxr 750 very nice ride.

    Pretty common though
  7. wow great, thanx for responses guys. much help
    to answer some of the questions you guys asked. looks are important, and performance second but still want some go. the reason i love the 848 is that it is a great intro into supersport. it does cost a bit but also having a name and a fantastic sound is just a benefit, plus they are not that common. Similar also for the 675.
    also the gsxr 750 are great and iv heard a fantastic all rounder you could commute on???? this true???

    also, if my girl knew i had a ducati :p then that would be much more of a turn on lol

    but thanx again guys for the repsonse.
  8. Skip the 848 dude, go straight for the Desmosidici RR.
  9. haha mate if you can lend me the money by all means :p
    but i dont have the experience for a bike like that... although temptation says elsewise.
  10. geez i wish my list of possibles for my next bike read something like that.

    I'm looking at the same time period till i can get my next bike and the ones on top of my list are
    -CBR600RR (suits my size and price range, good looking and fast)
    -Daytona 675 (similar reasons except the price, its beautiful and different and don't think you'll ever regret it)
  11. None of those bikes are unique.

    Just buy an R1, it will make you an instant god amongst your follow riders.
  12. Well-heeled, eh?

    848. Simply because it's a L-twin.
  13. 848 seat height is slightly higher then the 750s, coming off the bike your right foot can hit the rear seat (lol).

    Can't relax as much on the 848 due to the riding position, especially with short arms!

    When parking the 848 my right hand often hits the windscreen when turning the handlebar, got to keep your hand on the edge of the handle bar.
  14. I've owned a few Italian bikes, they are very cool bike to ride but there are some serious considerations:

    *Be sure you understand all the costs involved with an Italian bike. We are talking 3-4 times more than a Jap bike for replacement parts. Eg $440 for replacement chain & sprocket on the Firestorm (fitted), close to $2k on the MV Agusta F4 (fitted).

    *If it's a daily rider and you will do lots of kms, buy brand new for the 2yr unlimited km warranty. My S4R will hit 60,000km in that time, the warranty is worth the piece of mind.

    *Insurance costs will be a killer for a 19yr old. It does differ between cities but be prepared for a $4k bill for a supersport bike. Nakeds will roughly be half.

    *Work out the costs of having 1 bike vs 2 bikes. It may seem cheap to have 2 however if both bikes do low kms then there isn't much point in having 2 bikes.

    *Don't plan on thinking whatever you buy next will be the perfect bike. Be wary getting yourself onto a $30k+ bike (don't forget it's $3k for Termi's which are a must have!) as you are locked in. If you have money to burn it's not such an issue but being 19yr this may not be the case. What happens if you don't like the bike? Trust me, i do this all the time (purchased 4 bikes in past 8 months LOL) and i'm sure you would shit bricks if you didn't like the 848 and sold it 6 months later for an $8k loss.

    *Start with the cheaper Jap bikes. Discover what you REALLY want from a bike. You will be surprised just how much your tastes change.

    For a commuter i'm very impressed by the Street Triple. Honestly as a city bike i think it's damn near spot on and the price is great.
  15. the 848 isn't a 30k plus bike anyways...

    u can pick up a brand new 08 model for 23k... only thing sux is that its not a dry clutch.... i love the sound the 1198 have with the dry clutch.. so thats what im looking at after restrictions are over!
  16. Bit biased here due to family members having Beemers, but I reckon you should look at a Beemer. Their F series has caught my eye, especially the 800ST, which is a sports tourer kinda thing. The naked version of the same bike also looks prtty darn good.

    Another thing I'd consider is a Buell. Legendary engineering practise, a big V-twin, enough torque to tow your mates car. Also, they aren't as expensive as they seemed to be a few years ago. Check out the 1125 series for the 100kW+ stuff. The entry XB12 Lighting also looks the goods, and apparently they do a scrambler-type thing to compete with the Beemer GS series.

    Anyway, I envy you coming off your restricted licence and hope you find a bike that works well for you. Test ride your head off (not literally)!

    Cheers - boingk
  17. wow this site is great, thanx again guys, in particular to 'Mr_Ignorant
    '. Those prices are what i have been thinking about and they do look like they may put me in some pain. but all the info was great. i should mention i didnt want anything too powerful, for example over 100kw is probably too much. The last thing i want is also a bike i am scared of riding.
    to put it out there im not wealthy :( wish i was lol. but i do save, just dont think saving could be enough to won italian exotica, especially when it comes to insurance, so possibly next best thing is triumph, and probably a better learning curve too, since its not so fully track focused, and a hell of a lot user friendly at low speeds.
    oo btw with the 848 i was asking the guy, and he was telling me a wet clutch is better for lower speeds, not track use whcih is a benefit because i would never push a bike that hard on a track anyway... no where near enough experience.

    and umm beemers... dont get me wrong they are great bikes from what i have read, but those unequal sized headlight a real turn off, as an industrial designer i am big on styling, sorry mate. maybe one day i can style them better :) lol
    but test ride i will, cant wait.
    thanx again guys.
    anyone have personal experience with these bikes i like?
  18. Of what you list, I would steer in the direction of the Street Triple, given your stated position. Excellent bike that will do a bit of everything, good purchase price and the insurance will be kinder than the other offerings.

    Go forth and test ride when you can.
  19. +1 for Street Triple.

    I was looking at one today thinking it would go well with my Speed 3, now if only my bank account saw it that way.