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Which battery?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sheldon, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Hi I have a 2001 R6 and need a new battery (3rd one) as the 'Roadstar' (made in Taiwan) battery is crap. Unfortunately I've only really got three options:
    1) buy a Yuasa battery (made in Japan) for $320+ - great battery
    2) buy a 'Bike Power' battery (made in Taiwan) for $62 - cheap as
    3) buy an 'Apollo' battery for $77

    I've almost ruled out option 1 as I ride the bike most days so it should hold it's charge so justifying one of these is difficult.

    The difference between option 2 & 3 is that the Apollo is an empty shell which you fill with an acid pack. Are these batteries any good?

    I'm a little sceptical of buying something like the Bike Power which is a sealed unit which has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long. I suspect that is why my current battery is so crap. It just sat there for 12month+ just eating into the lead plates. Once lead-acids die through use or inactivity they're no good.

    Option 3 is currently my preferred choice. Any opinions?

  2. You should get a Yuasa for way less than $320. Shop around.
    Apollo I think are Australian made and make a very good battery.
    Have you had the bike since new? 3 batteries in 5 years seems a bit steep to me?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Me too. Is the regulator ok, and not overcharging?
  4. I gather you don't ride the bike much.

    The "wet" type batteries hate this.

    There are other options.

    I buy my batteries from a bloke in Lansvale in Sydney. It's a general battery place, not just a bike place.

    I always buy the "sealed" type, but that doesn't mean they come with the acid in them.

    They come with an acid kit. You pierce the acid kit onto the top of the battery and drain it in. When you have finished, you put the seal over the top.

    They cost less than $100 and I haven't had one go on me yet. I've always sold the bikes first.

    Unlike the wet types I used to use previously.
  5. Good point. If you don't ride it much, one of these might be the answer,


    I intend to get one for my Ducati, they are notorious for going flat if not ridden for a week or two.
  6. Apollo are actually Chinese. They're part of the Lion group of brands. Aussie distrubitor somewhere in NSW I believe.

    I've had the bike for 1 3/4 years.
    1st battery died due to inactivity I guess. I bought the bike with low k's.
    2nd battery (current) was just plain old crap. - I needed a RWC!

    Alternator and regulator are OK I think coz I can push start a dead bike and after riding it for 15km's it should have enough juice to start it again (fingers crossed). No other obvious electrical issues.

    Currently the battery is bearly in 'working order'. I charge it in the morning to wake it up and kick it over with a 4amp charger connected (It hasn't blown anything up as yet). It sits in a garage all day and starts again to take me home but if I flood the engine I'm stuffed coz I only get bearly enough crancks to start it or it's push start fun.
  7. Bring back the kick starter :grin:
  8. Thanks for your post ibast.

    Anyone else had experience with these type of batteries which come with a separate acid kit?
  9. Batteries dont like being charged after jump starting. Cant remember the specifics (but has been dealt elsewhere in this forum by more electrically adept riders than I) but basically its not uncommon for the battery to be killed (or seriously maimed) by the process. In any case a batteries life is measured in the number of cycles (charge/disharge) so each time it goes flat another "life" is lost.

    I ride everyday and was faced with the genuine Yuasa (should be more like $170 than $300), or ??? made by Yuasa in the Phillipines for $120. I took the latter using your frequency of use arguement and it has gone 3 years so far.

    I got 5 years out of the original and it was a faulty reg (typical of VFR's) that killed it. When you replace it perhaps a check on the electrical system might be in order.
  10. Yes, I bought one for my 75' BMW. They are simple to fill, the acid bottle comes with a push-on filler tube and there is about 20% more acid supplied than you actually need. The old girl doesn't get ridden a whole lot, but I have never had a problem with the battery losing it's charge.
  11. I replaced my battery 2 months ago with the one that has the acid kit. I think it's too early yet to tell if this type is ok.
  12. I'm keen on getting a dry battery with acid kit so I know it's in good condition.
    Does anyone know of a good brand?
    Where can I buy this type from around Melbourne CBD - North/West?