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which 600cc sportbike would you get/why?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. still on restrictions so it'll be awhile before i upgrade but i've been drooling over the 600cc sports bikes.

    now i know their all quick but i'd like to know which ones you guys like and why? to me there doesn't seem to be that much difference between them and i've read a few reviews in the mags.

    apparently in australia the top 600cc sports is the cbr600r/rr, then the zx6r, then the r6 and gsxr600. if you did get a 600 sports why buy one over the other? is it handling? outrite speed, looks, reliability?

  2. Dude,

    Get the model/colour combo that matches your helmet and leathers the best!! :wink:

    I don't think most new riders(and old riders) could tell the difference between each model. They are all such fantastic motorcylces, you can't go wrong.
  3. Triumph Daytona 6, but I am biased.
    For price, value for money a Dayt would be hard to go past, plus they handle well and in the real world being a nanno-second faster means zilch.
  4. just get something that has good spares availability, is not too expensive to service/repair/get tyres for etc and is the bike you most like the look of/sound of/comfort for your body/comfort for what you want to do with it. unless of course you have to have the latest, greatest, fastest, best everything (which is endlessly debatable anyway).

    my tt will be up for sale soonish, you can have that. without a doubt it beats all the jap stuff you listed :D
  5. See, now your just confusing the poor guy with your voodoo Truimph recommendation!! :wink:

    I forgot about the Triumphs as well. The new ones look sooo much better than the original TT600.
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  7. They're too hard edge these days. Track bikes only. I wouldn't buy one.
  8. All great bikes but how many people riding them now actually USE most of their potential? Still, they look trick as hell and above 12,000 rpm do some wondrous things.........
    (I like my Hornet 600, old 600RR engine in the Hornet 250 frame, best of both worlds)
  9. The new ZX6R, because it's the fastest (radar tested @ 275 KPH), best spec and even has reasonable comfort....what more could you ask for :)
  10. basically same engine/bike though and the tt has more comfort, esp for a pillion
  11. I'm still a Honda man through and through, but the ZX6R is a SWEET bike. I had the distinct pleasure of riding one not too long ago :)
  12. Good point, they are also pretty gutless down low and through the mid range, so you have to continually ride them like the race bike that they are to release their true potential.

    In reality the original tt600 is probably a better road bike than the newer daytona version, and if you are a large persion (tall) it will also be more comfortable.

    Someone that I know 6' tall bought an R6 and absolutley hated it, simply because he found it so uncomfortable and cramped and would only ride it for short squirts around town.

    As a second bike/track machine would be very nice.
  13. Totally sgree with Paul here....(wonder why....)
    You can have the performance of a 600 sportbike, with the comfort and street cred' of a street fighter.
    Go the Hornet 600.
    Fairings are too 'rice boy' IMHO. (i'm gonna get flamed for that comment).
    Daz. :wink:
  14. On the last post, click the x button, and that will delete it (as long as no-one has replied to it) :)
  15. If you can wait, have a look at the new Triumph 675 triple coming out soon. The spy photos published in MCN look SWEEEEETTTT!!!.
  16. they have got to be one of the nicest bikes ever released (the old one's, haven't seen/heard the new one yet). the guy who instructed my advanced riding course in canberra rode one, words can't even describe it
  17. Come on people, lets be real. ... Of all the people on Netrider, NO-ONE can ride a new 600cc sport bike to it's limits, not even me.....

    So, buy the bike that:
    - You like the look of
    - You like the fit (feel comfort)
    - The one you can afford
    - The one that has a great delaer network CLOSE to where you live
    - The one that matches your leather
    - The one that will be comfy for long and short trips
    - The one that is the most cost effective to maintain

    Simple, right :? :LOL:
  18. I like your philosophy Sir Skuffy.
    It makes sence. :wink:
  19. mitch are you saying I ride like a girl :LOL:
  20. Don't forget that Honda still offer the lower tuned f4.

    It's not that far behind the current crop and if you know your bike well, you'll probably kick a weekend warriors arse, on the latest crotch rocket.

    It's probably a much more sensible step up from a 250 as you will be able to ride it closer too it's limits and a nice bike all round. It'll probably last longer too, because of it's lower state of tune.

    The only problem I can see is resale value. Most people looking at 600's are starry eyed about performance figure. So, except that fact, bargain hard for a good deal and keep the saving in the bank untill you upgrade next time.