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Which 50cc scooter to should I buy?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ALEXMORGAN, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Good day people,

    I am an international student with full driver's license hence I am planning on buying a 50cc scooter to travel from my home to the city for classes and also to explore new places.

    I am just wondering what are the best and the most recommended scooters in the 50cc class in terms of speed and handling? And what exactly is the top speed of a 50cc scooter?

    And also is it advisable to travel long distance with a 50cc scooter? As I am thinking to use the scooter to explore the countryside and what not.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I just sold my TGB 101s. Myself and three mates decided to buy them about 6 months ago.

    We did our research into various models, and at only $2,300 new they were a steal. They also have a very "grabby" clutch so are quick off the line, and are one of the quickest 50cc's around. Good ground clearance so kerb hopping, not an issue.
    I just sold mine with 2,600 on the clock for $1,500.

    Literally nothing came close for price/features, and there was a 3 year warranty. All the features, injected 2-stroke, disc brake, electric + kick start, etc.

    Top speed for me, weighing about 80kg, was 70kph. Got up to 60kph easily. Note, they are legally "Restricted" to 55kph, but like anything theres easy ways around this.

    Long distance? My mates and I used to travel 120km round trips easily. Scooters tend to be very comfortable, but i wouldnt suggest any travel on roads with a speed limit greater than 60, and they aren't made for the twistys. Although, yes, they do hammer, its hard to drag a rail on a scooter as they are so light, the slightest bump gets you airborne.

    You have NOT lived till you have been airborne on a scooter, sideways, at 60kph, and landed it into a perfect drift.
  3. Don't buy a 50cc. you'll kill yourself. Too underpowered for Australian roads.

    Oh, and Hello :roll:
  4. Welcome to Australia Alex,

    Depends on your budget. If you're ok with $$ then I'd go for something upmarket like
    the Rossi Aerox
    Whatever you end up with BUY SOME SAFETY GEAR. You're better off having full gear of motorbike gloves, boots, pants, jacket & F/F helmet as a minimum.

    Better to go for liquid cooled 2-stroke & with some decent brakes....disks front & rear would be better.

    Get yourself a decent lock for your investment.

    The folk at http://www.showandgo.com.au/ seem to know their stuff. Might pay to have a chat with them about your plans & pick their brains.

    "LA Class" bike is what you can ride on your car licence, but LA Class bikes are restricted to a stoopid 50kph in most states.

    You're probably better off to get a Licence for a bigger CC scoot.
    But if you're determined to have a 50 then......... there are ways round this.

    Rob :)
  5. If he's got $$$, go fo the mbike test and get a bigger scoot. Hell you might even decide you want a bike.

    If he wants a cheap runabout with no extra licencing, the 50cc's are fine, and dougz, i'm not dead yet :p
  6. Thank you for the advises people, but my main priority is to not spend as much $ as possible therefore I am not intending to obtain a Learner's license, at least not until I begin working over here :)

    Am I advised to purchase a new scooter or are second hand scooters decent enough? My main concern is to avoid having problems with the scooter such as break downs and what not, in general are second hand scooters problematic?

    And lastly, I weight 63kgs. Do you think the scooter will be able to move much if I were to fetch another person?

    I was thinking of the Aprillia SR50 so that I can make it achieve 120km/h if I don't find it fast enough, what do you guys think?
  7. Achieving 120km on a 50cc scooter is unrealistic. (_maybe_ with SUPER heavy modifications, but that'd defeat the purpose of cheap transportation)

    It's going to be a stretch to use them for long-distance touring, though I suppose it's not impossible. I wouldn't advise it.
  8. In my experience, i'd still hit 60 with myself and my girlfriend on(all up about 120kg) so yes, given your size i think it should hammer, even up mild hills.

    Secondhand scooters tend to be very low KM anyway. So long as it tracks straight, brakes work, and it goes not much can go wrong. Most are still under factory warranty etc.
  9. Hmm, I just sold my scooter about a week ago to get a mbike.
    Rather than PM you, in the interests of being totally open, I'll let you know one of my other friends who was reading this thread with a tgb is considering doing the same (selling to move up to mbikes). My previous opinions/advice arent biased though, I didnt know untill he told me just now :p IMO they still are one of the best value things going around. He's only put 600k's on his the silly bastard.

    If your interested, let me know, it's in adelaide. If not, it'll be on bikesales in a day or two for the world to see. Any mods have an issue with this feel free to delete.
  10. 600ks? Was that a typo or something? How much is your friend looking to sell it at anyway? I don't mind having a look at it.

    Does anyone have any recommendations of 50cc scooters besides the SR50? Does anyone have any experiencs with SYM or Bolwell scooters?

    And are all the 50cc scooters de-restrictable? Or only a select few are?

    Thank you.
  11. I had a go on a few peagot's. At nearly double the price they certainely FELT nicer. nicer cushioning on the seat, bigger storage, bigger bikes in fact...but really slow clutches. Every takeoff felt like your grandma was eaaasing in the clutch. Easy to ride, but boring as fek.

    I didnt regard the price worth it, not for a "laugh" which is why me and my mates just bought the TGB's, which boot :p Sent you a pm.
  12. No, not at all adviseable.

    50cc scooters don't really work in australia unless you're talking about a few kms a day and heavily trafficked 50-60 zones. This isn't just my opinion, owners/staff of scooter dealerships I've been to say the same thing.

    I have never owned a scooter, decided it was too dangerous for my purposes after riding a bunch of 125cc scoots (nothing in reserve to get out of situations, and no power to zip in and out).

    And before some smartarse comes out saying you can totally do distance/higher speed zones/etc, sure you can.. in the same way that you could put your private bits in a toaster, you can - but its not a great idea.
  13. Get a Buddfab 50cc, it does about 232kmh.

    Seriously, 50cc scoots are a bit of fun in the backstreets but you're better off getting a license and a 125/200+ or a motorcycle if you want to go any distance.
  14. Alex, I'm with Loz and phizog.

    I test rode a 125cc scoot for my wife and found at full throttle it couldnt do 60km/hr up a hill at full throttle, though admitedly I had no runup :) . Dont remember what type .. it was totally forgettable .. but I would classify it as dangerous in common traffic situations here in Sydney. My wife now has bug hawk and its a hoot to ride but its 250cc.

    Only been to Adelaide once but I remember it as being fairly flat ... a 125 would probably be ok but I would never trust my life to a 50 around here.

    my 2c.

  15. a 125 4 stroke no doubt would be a pain, but the light 2 stroke 250's....wouldnt be much in it i think.
  16. I'm not even sure most scooters are restricted in any form (I'd maybe guess that high-performance" 2-stroker bikes like an RS50 or an NSR50 may have something like that).

    It reads to me like you're trying to get maximum performance out of a 50cc scooter, and to be honest, there just isn't that much to uncork in a 50cc engine.

    As other folks have mentioned here, if you're trying to get something for a wider range of uses other than quick city commutes, you're better off with a cheap car, or just take a one-day L course and you can look for 250cc motorcycle or so.

    Just my 2 cents...
  17. Most 50cc scoots are, legally restricted to 55kph (or 50kph some places) but capable of 60 easily and 70 on the flat. Most scoots it's either an intake restrictor or, in my case, a CDI cutout, easily fixed by snipping a wire.
  18. Ah hah, you learn something new every day! :)
  19. sometimes its quite innovative actually, some have a little "washer" / notch on the belt transmission that only lets it slip a certain way, and they just let the engines redline take care of the rest. All cases, its easy to remove.
  20. I have a little 100cc honda lead that I ride around the suburbs. it struggles to get above 80kph and is dangerous in the countryside as its too slow. bloody magic in the city though and saves heaps in wear and tear on the big bikes.