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Which 50 is the best??? Advice Please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Val01, May 20, 2007.

  1. HI Guy's
    I am currently searching ebay & through bike mags for a 50 for my son so he can learn to ride.

    I still dont know wether I will go new or secondhand.

    New seem to be about $1500 - $1800, second hand I have seen for around the $750 - $1000 Mark. (Mid 90's Models Onwards)

    I think all the 50's are pretty similar, Shaft drive & semi auto boxes etc, Maybe there is no real difference & it's just preference to a brand.

    Any way I would like any info you guy's could give me on the various types & maybe also which bike people stared their riding career's on.

    All info received is much appreciated, Thanks in advance.


    P.S. Should I consider such bikes as Thumbstar/Yomoto etc found on ebay, the ones with engine brands such as Loncin & Others????
  2. I started my career on a vtr250 ;)

    How old's your son and where will he be riding whilst doing said learning?
  3. I have seen both the Yamaha and the Honda 50's up close, the Honda is heaps better than the Yamaha.

    Those Honda's can take a beating and still keep going.
  4. Yes you should. Why? Because you can't go past the value for money the good name brand chinese bikes have to offer. Have a look at the bikes with the Lifan engines, they are meant to be pretty good. A lot of my friends have them and they say they are great. Normally the engines are good just the quality of the other components used to make the bike let some brands down. If you do decide to get one make sure you lock tight all the bolts as a lot are not done up properly.
  5. How old's your son and where will he be riding whilst doing said learning?[/quote]

    He is 3 years old, I think he is ready, I have taken him on a couple of rides on an XR200 & he loved it,
    Also if he gets into It I will have to be a Dirt bike to ride with him
    ( I think its a good excuse )