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Which $5-6k sports bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fizmotech, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. I have decided in these economic times $14k cash on a new bike is not smart move for me.

    I want something fast. But will commute 200kms 3 days a week so naked and the go. Something lite needed. Around 170kg dry weight.

    So was tossing up between 99-01 gixxer 600/750, r6, cbrr, ninja6, the usuals.

    in that price range which will be the best buy?

  2. If you can find a CBR-RR you're golden - there's a bunch of CBR6F4is around that mates have picked up lately around those dollars, and those things are sensational.

    The ZX636 is a great bike too, but some find it very uncomfortable and being a kwaka, parts are extortionate. Earlier ones you should be able to find much much cheaper, and they're quite good if well maintained.

    R6 - check gearboxes carefully, they tend to lunch second gear if abused.

    Dunno much about the Gixxers.
  3. thanks loz. it seems to me once these bikes hit 8 years of age they are worth $5k until death. Seems crazy what some people will ask for a 10 year old bike that was like $12k new.

    Hard to find a good value bike. Couldnt find a 600fi within reaching distance. Only gsxr srad 600s. Plenty of them around.
  4. Hold out and keep an ear to the ground. I've seen one bloke pick up a ZX6 96 for $2.7k, two people I know have found late model CBRF4is for under 6, I got my ZX9 for 5.5... The deals are out there.
  5. I'd second a 6f4i, fantastic bikes. I think the F4i was about 190kg dry weight.

    I don't think that would be an issue for you... (well, I'm 5ft10 and 62 kilos and could manage it fine).
  6. i just love small light bikes thats all.

    where do people find a bargain. 2/3 bikes i ring on bikesales have sold and people just too lazy to remove the adds. autotrader has bugger all as does bikepoint.

    i feel depressed only having a car. sniff. WAHHHHHHHH!
  7. i can recomend the gixxer 600..i have an 02 and its a weapon,163kg dry(claimed).they were the best of the bunch back then..

    01,02 & 03 are all the same..
  8. :shock:

    Blimey that's light.
  9. thanks movistar. so thats the model after srad. u think $6k is a fair price?

    loz i just noticed zx9's

    whoah they much cheaper than i though. why? im scared i wont handle it ha ha.
  10. 6grand for a good one is a bargain!
  11. is there anything wrong with a srad?

    could i modify that ugly pillion bubble seat cover?
  12. If you cant find an F4i then perhaps also consider a 99 - 00 cbr600f.
    You should be able to pick up a 600F within that price range.
  13. yeah i can, but they all around $6k, for a 99 cbr600f thats way to much when f4 is about the same and the sports bikes are about that too. i wouldnt want to pay more than $4500 for a 600f due to its weight and slightly less performance compared to similar priced sports bikes. but thanks i am looking at them too. just hard finding bikes that havnt actually sold already.

    its doing my head in ha ha
  14. F4i goes on average for about $7k
    they still pull hard for 5-6 yr old bikes.

    They are one of the earliest EFI bikes.
  15. yeah,,but i thinks he wants a sportsbike... :LOL: :LOL: :p :p
  16. yep, not so keen on a tank. but he 600f does look nice aesthetics for a sports tourer.
  17. bargain hard with all the 600/4 sports bikes. They don't sell for what people ask for them. this is true of most bikes but particularly this segment.

    The people that buy them new want the latest and greatest and last years bike just doesn't cut it.

    Back then the GSXR was the hardest edge in the sector. the f4 isn't really a tourer either. it's just not as hard a sprts bike as the modern 600s
  18. I think the F4i is just about f*ckin' ideal in my books. Hardly a tank! Anyway, get what you can find. A mate in Adelaide picked up a gixxer6 for bugger-all recently and reckons it's tops.
  19. Don't automatically assume some bikes are out of your price range because of the asking price - The bike I bought was originally put up on bike point for something like 9k and I ended up paying 7.3.
  20. wow that is a big price drop. i usually assume $1k and settle somewhere in between. but if i could get an $8500 for $7k. well thats an 03 r6. drool.