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Which 250cc?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by danielvh, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I asked this question before but also had some other questions which clouded the topic, the result being this question not being covered. I've since booked my motorbike test and should get the license soon.

    So, I'm in the market for a 250cc scooter and I'm wondering what your opinions on which one to get? I'm looking for something comfortable for the rider as I'm a big guy, also something with quite a bit of power (must be able to effortlessly break away form cars at lights), as well as good weather protection. Good build quality is also a must.

    So, I've "narrowed" (there's still a lot there) the list down to, in no particular order:
    Honda Forza-X
    Suzuki Burgman 250
    Yamaha Magesty 250
    Piaggio X9 Evolution 250
    Piaggio X8 250
    Aprilia Scarabeo 250
    And one out in left-field: Piaggio MP3 250 RL (looks fun and practical if pricey. But I'd imagine I'd look like a complete dork riding one)

    So, which would you guys recomend? Maybe narrow it down to two or three which I'll then go test-ride.



  2. Aw c'mon! Where's the Vespa GTS250?
  3. It looks a bit small. I'd like to be able to take a pillion reasonably comfortably.
  4. Take one out for a test ride and potential new pillions will be hurling themselves at you!!
  5. Maybe so, but when they get on will they be comfortable?
  6. hell yeah. and cool!
  7. i saw a family of 4 fit on a vespa
  8. Daniel, adding in the Vespa 250 I think you've listed every 250 in the market, so I guess that's your long list :shock: They all fit your basic requirements, and have reasonably good reputations, so you need to get out there and test ride them once you have your licence!
    My recommendation is don't buy anything you haven't ridden.

    The technique I use to shorten the list is:
    • Take along all the bits I might want to store under the seat - if it doesn't fit, add $500 for a top box and bracket.
      Sit on the scoot for at least 20 minutes, both on and off the stand. See if it still feels comfortable.
      If that all looks good, take it for a ride.
      Decide if I like the look!
      Ask the dealer to show that they are currently carrying the most common service and replacement parts.
    It really is a personal thing:
    - comfort (for you)
    - ability to get your feet on the ground
    - the amount of storage space
    - how convenient to you is the nearest workshop for service and parts, etc.

    The Suzuki, Yamaha and Piaggio are all 'feet forward' style cruisers. They have a longer wheel base, with more places to put your feet. They have more underseat storage than the Vespa or Aprilia. The Vespa will be the most nimble in traffic because of the short wheel base and small wheels.

    The rumour mill is strong that Suzuki will cease offering the 250 and concentrate on the 400. Don't know about Yamaha.
    You don't say which state you live in, I am guessing that it is Victoria. If elsewhere, the LAMS system may apply and you can step straight into a 400. The Yam and Suzzie 400s are only about $800 more than the Vespa 250.

  9. Well, I did leave out the cheaper brands such as bug and vmoto from the list.... :p

    I'm in Perth. Does this LAMS system apply here? If so, how does it work?

    I was hoping you guys would help me narrow it down to say one of the europeans and one of the japanese or at the most two of each. I don't really want to run around and test-ride 7 scooters.
    So Vespa GTS250 v Piaggio X8 250 v Piaggio X9 Evolution 250 v Aprilia Scarabeo 250
    and suzuki burgman 250 v yamaha magesty 250 v Honda Forza-X


  10. You'll be spending a decent amount of money, and the only person who needs to be happy is you. Trying that many bikes might be a PITA, but if you really don't know what you want, go test riding until you fall in love.

    Given the amount that slides off the price ticket the minute you ride it out the door, your test-riding time will be a good investment. Otherwise you repent at leisure.
  11. Piaggio x9 is history, being replaced by x8

    X8 -- GTS250 -- Aprilia have the exact same engine, so x8 if you want an armchair or GTS250 if you split lanes all the time in the city.

    X8 needs a rider at least 6ft

    Majesty is the bigger of all, and heavier and more expensive and the oldest engine. In comp with the other scooters, on a majesty, the pillion sits the farther away from you.

    X8 has the biggest storage.
    bla bla bla bla

    No matter what, you need to test ride them. You will see that at the end, the test ride is the one that will tell you what you will get.. So go and book a test and then go to another dealership and book another etc etc etc...

    Good luck
  12. WA does not have LAMS.
    You are limited to 250cc.
  13. Sorry, but you are not correct re the X8. I am 5'7" and the X8 250 is fine; two feet flat on the deck at the lights.
  14. At the very least, you need to sit on, and look at all of them! You will find that they fall in to broad groups - cruiser style, narrow classic scooter style, tall wheelers etc. By the time you have kicked a few tyres, you will know what style of bike takes your fancy.

    You mentioned an interest in pillions, check out the rear seat and pegs and see if it really is comfortable, and if it provides the passenger with a bit of a view over the top. The 'king & queen' or stepped seating of the bigger cruisers is generally better for the pillion.

    In Victoria you cannot carry a pillion on a learners permit or for the first twelve months on a full licence, but I don't know what it is in WA. If it is the same, you may be trading up to a bigger scoot by then anyway!

    Happy hunting!
  15. True, true. I'm 5.9 and i can put both feet down, if i seat a bit forward, not relax on the full length of the seat. I'm trying to say that it is not a "low" scooter as Aprilia. Maybe the fact that it is "wider" plays a part in it..
    Let's say that anyone below 5'5" would feel more comfortable with a GTS250 :wink:
  16. Not quite true. My best mate is around that height and the GTS is too big for her.
  17. Ah! the old inleg.
    Two heights matter when you're trying to fit on a bike -
    o height of your crotch above the ground :) (inleg measurement)
    o height of your head above the seat (relates to windscreens and buffeting).

    You can have two people of the same height, but if one is tall in the saddle but short in the stirrups, they may not be comfortable on the same scoot.

    There's also minor issues of length of leg, length of arm as well, in terms of comfort.
  18. Its all about the Scarabeo mate. Unique looks, great size and has the large 16 inch wheels to cope with our pothole roads better.

    Oh and by the way, what do you mean you dont want to run around test riding 7 scoots? thats half the fun! Seriously though, you really do need to test ride them. They are all very different. And besides, if you head out to Scootamoto in Joondalup, they stock all the models your considering, so you wouldnt even have to go from dealer to dealer.
  19. Really? Looking on their site the only one they seem to carry is the scarebeo...