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Which 125cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by akin, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    If you were to buy a 125cc, what would you buy and why?

    i.e. I'd buy a .... , because it is the nicest looking scooter around or
    I'd buy a ...., because it is the best value for money etc.

    p.s. I am not seeking for advice, I just wonder which 125 is your favourite... just for the fun of it
  2. Would depend on what you want. Its impossible to say one is better than another with such a general brief.

    If you wanted something really cheap to commute on i'd say a TGB 101R for just $3000 is bloody good value.

    Something a little unique? Probably go the Aprilia Mojito.

    Retro/Classic - the Vespa.

    Sort of a "how longs a piece of string?" question.
  3. I guess I couldn't explain myself; Which one would you want if you were to pick one for yourself?
  4. Probably a Italjet Dragster 125. Don't know if they sell them in Australia, or I would get a Italjet Formula. They look soo nice!
  5. Dragster2.


    That's some weird scooter!!! :shock:
  6. Yeah but its very high performance 125 2-stroke.

    The Italjet Formula looks a bit better with a nice looking exhaust pipe. I hate to think how much they actually sell for?




  7. Well, we chose a Bolwell Bella 125 because it was the best looking 125cc scooter for that price range!

    It is a great little machine really cheap to run and so easy to flick in and out of traffic on!

    Admittedly we have now sold said scooter in favour of larger capacity bikes - but we sold it to some friends who love it as much as we did! :cool:
  8. I have been looking at several scooters as I am trying to get my license upgrade.

    125's are the smallest I am looking at, assuming I am allowed to take my test, I'll be able to ride up to 250 cc where I am looking at scoots like the Bug hawk, bowell Firenze, G250 and the 200cc bowell le grande.
    But the appeal of a smaller scooter has it's appeal where I am looking at the yamaha cygnus, bowell ariba, shark (150cc) and the new bug 125, forget the name.

    Other ones to look at would be the aprillia 125 which is a smaller engine version of the very good 200. That would be a good pick.
  9. Sorry mate, but its still an impossible question to answer. It all depends on the things i said earlier.

    What do YOU want the scoot to do? Thats the question people have to ask themselves.

    OK, i realise your just asking for interest rather than advise as such...

    for a 125....i'd probably get a Piaggio Liberty, but there really arent many 125's i like.

    ideally i'd get a 180cc 2-stroke Italjet Dragster. Why? because its completely unique, everyone looks twice at it. Oh and its very quick! I was reading an article about some guy in Munich who put on a sports exhaust and modded a couple of minor parts (nothing too major at all) and he was pulling 0-100km/hr in under 5 seconds!
  10. I just sold a 125 Vespa LX125....bloody fantastic scoot...

    I only sold it as i ride on highways in Sydney...(M4 & Princes) and while it would do the speed limit...i had no power to get away from semi's, so i upgraded to a 650

    I haven't had any other scoot but i had no problems with the VEspa and would highly recommend then to anyone.

    Looks great, handles great, reliable, chicks dig it, chicks wanna ride on it :)
  11. Buy a Postie! Technically it's not a 125 (it's a 105), but if you're going to only use it around town:

    1. It's a four-stroke, so it'll last longer, is cleaner and quieter.
    2. It's the most popular bike in Australia, so spares are never hard to find.
    3. It'll reach 80 km/h in an earth-shattering 12 seconds.
  12. Before upgrading to a Honda VTR250, I had an Aprilia Mojito 125. It was absolutely brilliant, the seat was really comfortable, chrome and black everywhere, and you can't go past the Italians for craftmanship. The only downside was polishing the f**king thing to make sure the chrome stayed in good nick. Let's just say that small children with sticky hands became very afraid of me very quickly!!! :cheeky:
  13. I've got a cygnus 125 and it's pretty good. Don't have much to compare it with as I have riden anything else. But so far so good, with 3k on the clock. Has heaps of room under the seat for helmet/gloves etc, or 2 bags of shopping. It'll do 90 easily, and 100 if your patient. I've taken it on the M2 and M4 without much hassles. It's nice and thin so you can slip between traffic if you need to.

    The suspension has loosened up a bit since new, giving a softer ride which is probably good cause it was a bit stiff to start with. I'm getting 4lt/100km on average in the real world, although I'm doing lots of short hops on a cold engine in stop/start traffic so most people would get better mileage than me.

    I'm not a huge fan of the "look", compared to say the Honda @125 which IMHO looks a darn bit better but when I bought I had 2 weeks left on my L's and I needed something "Right Now(tm)". And it was going cheap at the dealership where my friend worked...

    So far it's saved me about 2k in insurance and fuel. So by year end I'm in the black... sweeeeet!.
  14. I've got a Piaggio Fly; it is quite new. It is one of the cheapest 125's around, $3700 on road. It has good brakes, enough space for a full face helmet under the seat, 12'' wheels, easy to reach petrol tank and battery, smooth riding. It is fast as well, does 85km/h very easily, haven't tried going any faster yet (the factory booklet tells not to push it before 10000 km). Even though made in China still a Piaggio right?

    Other 125's I like are Aprilia Mojito (for its nice looks) and Vespa 125(for being a Vespa :wink: ). I was planning to buy a Cygnus, then changed my mind as Fly was cheaper.
  15. If I was buying a 125cc scooter I'd get a Bolwell VS 125. It's a good looking ride with a 4yr warranty and a 4 vavle head.
  16. I actually just got my 1st scooter - Yamaha Vino 125.

    I really love it, it's got a retro look but not quite in the same high price range as a vespa [on road for $4.5K with jacket, gloves, lock, windscreen & box].

    I only go 30 k's a day on it [back & forth to work] in Melbourne metro but it's great fun & only takes $4 to fill up for 4 days worth of travel. I think the only draw back is that on steep hills it maxes out at 60 k's.

    My plan is to upgrade next year when I get of my 'L's [feels weird after driving for 20+ years to be back on L's] hoping to go a Bolwell 200/250 depending on $$ & trade in.

    I looked at quite a few 125's before getting the Vino, the Bolwell's are nice but I didn't like the look or feel when I rode [felt like I was too big for them], Vespa's are really nice but out of my price league.
  17. +1 for the Aprilia - I ended up with an Aprilia Habana (Mojito) 125 & it's a great commuting bike.
  18. I traded in my wife's Vino 125cc for a madass for me because she decided against using two wheels herself. The madass is a nice 125 with gears which means that you can actually get a better power usage because you can drop a gear when needed instead of trying to open the throttle and still see how you slow down a lot.

    Well, the Madass is arguably a scooter nor a bike on the pure sense. It is hard to get it into a category.