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Which 1 piece for skinny dude

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sheeth, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for new leathers and need some advice.

    As a guy who much taller than he is wide, (180cm v 62 kilos) I find it really hard to find leathers that fit.

    At the moment I'm in a deniese size 52 and it fits well girth wise but its just too short to be comfy on the track. Im after a set which is tall enough to fit, bt not so wide im swimming in it.

    Any advice for a brand with this kind of cut? Or any other ideas?
  2. Try the Berik one
  3. Maybe one of the jap brands like RS Taichi or Kushitani? Other ideas? Milk & squats
  4. eat more meat
  5. I tried on some Berik suits the other day and the cut is somewhat shorter than the Dainese.

    I'm surprised you fit in the 52 Dainese Sheeth, every time I've tried to get fitted for their suits, the sales people squeeze me into a 52 and I'm 183cm and 82kg.

    I'm starting to think people must be pulling my leg with the leathers fitment.

    So far I've tried a lot of different brands and the Dainese appear to have the longest/thinnest cut of the bunch. You may have to look at a custom suit if you want better fitment.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I recon the Jap brands are a really good idea, they tend to build them skinny over there!

    thanks again
  7. How about this one piece? Seems like it fits taller slim guys ok :angel:

  8. Go to Tiger Angel & get some custom made. Supposed to be the duck nuts.
  9. That they are, but they're worth more than my track bike! Sometime in the future I plan to get a set but not now! haha
  10. I just got a nice pair of Dainese pants to zip into my jacket as I couldn't be assed forking out big $$ for a one peice suit. Plus, when it's hot I find it much more comfortable to be able to take off the jacket and let my body breathe.
  11. Give us a shout if you would like a Gimoto custom roo hide suit :)
  12. I have a Berik jacket and pants which I picked up on sale a couple of months ago. They zip together well with amply overlap. I could have got a two piece suit (which was a cheaper option by about $100) but like you you - I'm built like a beanstalk. Unless I'd swapped the pants over for a smaller size, I'd have been the poster boy for the recently established Saggy Bums club.
  13. Ive got a Rev'It! two peice suit which is very nice, but the pants are just too tight and the knee protectors dont line up to my knees. The suit feels like it was made for someone short and stocky, not tall and skinny :p

    Im looking for a nice onesie when I can afford it too
  14. How much do Gimoto suits go for roughly?
  15. You can pick up the dainese onesies at decent prices if you shop round - I got mine for $1200.
  16. I think i saw $1400, I'd defiantly consider one of these, but for the moment I'm on a tight budget that wont stretch that far.

    Thanks for all the Ideas guys I'm compiling a little list of suits to try on.
  17. The suits start at $1400 and then run right up to $2400 depending on features.

    No, they're not cheap, but the aussie dollar's good so we've been able to drop the prices a bit since we took over.
  18. I've heard of people getting their jacket arms shortened... is that an option with a one piece?
  19. Ok guys thanks again for all the advice. I put my suit on and sat in it on the phone for 10 mins, (bad timing), and decided that I really do need to do something about this suit issue and quick smart!

    I'm thinking very hard about a custom suit but can't really spare the cash atm. I recon I'll try a few more on before giving up and getting one from oz leathers. I might just need to be offered a special deal o swing me over the line.

    Thanks again guys!