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Whew, Im Back!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Hows all going? Lots of good news around i hope! Havent been on for ages, been working offshore for a while, managed to get accused of being a scammer a few times while trying to buy stuff lol.

    Anyway, Im still up in Gladstone but moving back to Newcastle in August - still got work up here for a month or 3 after that but the move is happening! Keen to get back where some riding roads are and some rides that are worth going on happen! That and where all my family and friends are lol.

    Got my strumpy on a truck heading south right now so itll be ready and waiting for me when Mrs Messy and I come down next month to find a place to live, and then all set to swap over rego!

    Otherwise... nothing new to report lol :p. See you all back on the NSW roads where people can drive better (omg now ive lived in QLD for 2 years i can honestly say QLD drivers SUCK! and not get abused for it :p).
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  2. Welcome back you oil rig/nigerian scammer :ROFLMAO:
  3. Hey Messy Man......been wondering where ya been.....

    So I'm looking to buy a 1098 Duc.....I work on a Rig - I'm good for the cash but am offshore at the moment....can you help?
  4. Good to see you back, Messy.
    I always enjoy your posts.
  5. Hey messy, how ya doing?
  6. Cheers guys :).
    Will actually be nice to be out of work for a few months lol. Been way too hard at it and the health is paying the price some, but nothing that i cant correct with a nice break. Only problem - theres bugger all work around at the moment its all held up in the green tape mess that the country is in lol. Still a break for a bit will be most welcome. Might actually get to ride the bike - only put 3500km on it since i got it :p just never had time.
  7. Finished that model boat yet?
  8. Nah not long after the last update i got the call to work offshore so i didnt spend any more time on it, now we are moving its same old story its already packed carefully lol. Likely to get back into it once settled and out of work in a few months time.
  9. Clive Palmer will finish Titanic II before you finish that behemoth.
  10. Haha good luck to him :p.
    Had a sad day yesterday, had to put down my dog of 15 years :(. Had messed up liver, failing kidneys, and in the last couple days struggled to walk and drink, couldnt eat. Was his time and i know it was the right thing to do, but that doesnt mean i have to like it lol.
  11. Ah mate - sorry to hear about the furry family member.

    Good thing you were back home to say your goodbye.
  12. RIP Mr Messy's pet. Always sad to lose a buddy.
  13. Commiserations mate, I know the feeling but you know you did the right thing.
  14. Yeah im glad i was able to be there. Poor Mrs Messy is missing him more than I as she spent a lot more time with him over the last ~6 months. The immediacy of the change is far more apparent for her.

    I already want another dog :p but i dont want to feel as though i was trying to replace him.

    Anyway, sad part of grieving over already, now i am back to abusing him for farting all the time, as much to blame now as he used to be.