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wheres wally...Hills district

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mick526, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Ok so I just got back from a good late night ride, but with many many many views of highway patrol and whatnot hiding themselves in small driveways, side streets, and shoulder lanes with their lights off. I'm sick of having to be paranoid, i dont speed...but i would feel much better off knowing where these guys like to hide, and since they like to make up the rules as they go, I'd like to keep things even, so as titled, if you could post where you see one hiding, on what road/direction/sidestreets, would be greatly appreciated and i will share my own knowledge :)

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  2. first of all, (and the most obvious) theres a nice cruiser that likes to sit in the cross over of the M2 after the abbot rd on ramp somewhere around the pendle hill area, and 2nd for now, a new addition as far as i know, hiding on the ramp down from norwest boulevard heading towards the city on windsor rd <---he hides on the shoulder.
  3. Is it possible to speed on the M2 with all the road works?
  4. well its just before all the roadworks start, ive noticed him sit there a few nights ive come back that way
  5. James ruse drive syd, both ways on the Victoria road ramps
    Canterbury road (old) top of hill city bound at hurlstone park

    These are the frequent ones I see
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  6. Oh yeh that ones a prick as you approach the 2km to abbot rd sign heading west you are right in his lidar sights. He is at 1km turnoff sign in the totally unlit crossover. I've had some close calls with him.

    I'm getting a coffee at abbott rd maccas right now and there's a cop out the front radaring abbot rd. I better not do my standard illegal u turn on the way out today.

    The bikes on the m2 are in a league of their own, been booked by them twice and not for speeding. If your not doing something they'll find something they target bikes soo hard.
  7. You know I travel the M2 most Saturdays when im heading up the to the old pac and I'm so far havent seen the boys on there as yet....
    Also in the last two weeks the boys have been using unmarked cars and blitzing the old pac from the PITS to brooky bridge they been having a field day as they been hiding in some nice spots, and yes if they cant get you for speeding they defect your bike...bastrds
  8. thats why im not going to old pac, not in the mood to change my pipes over for them
  9. Showground Rd, Castle Hill, up the hill heading away from Windsor Rd, they get you as you just start going uphill (after carrying the downhill speed).

    Showground Rd, Castle Hill, just over the hill past Carrington Rd (where the Council is) heading towards Old Northern Rd, both sides.

    Old Northern Rd, Baulkham Hills hiding in driveways.

    Old Northern Rd, Glenhaven. Just on the corner of Glenhaven Rd(or Drive, can never remember).

    Old Northern Rd, Round Corner. In between Round Corner and Dural Maccas.

    I've been told that they also like to hide away on Boundary Rd, Pennant Hills Way, on the downhill section.

    They also like to set up RBT's on Windsor Rd, Around Baulkham Hills, heading towards Castle Hill, just as you go over a hill they are there.
  10. The start of the Hume highway inbound roadworks at campbelltown, right in the middle, completely invisible at night.

    They like to start their radar 2seconds before the 80 zone is imposed and ping you just as you enter the roadworks.
  11. thanks for the support so far, hopefully this helps some people out, including myself
  12. Boundary road heading towards cherrybrook from pennant hills. Love to sit at the bottom of the downhill stretch and they also sit in a side street just after the lights on boundary road heading towards cherrybrook.

    round corner/dural - sit just after dural maccas roundabout heading towards galston/glenorie etc. there is a light post that flickers in and out before a corner they sit under in darkness.

    gilbert road and also the corner of glenhaven road and old northern road (sit in the veterinary driveway quiet well hidden until too late)

    outside oakhill college on old northern road (both ways and regular RBT's)

    they are the main spots for me.
  13. sorry just thought of another one! New Line road - just after purchase road - heading towards dural they sit behind a barricade at the bottom of the hill. im always cautious coming down that hill!!
  14. For those that travel out Parramatta way, there is a regular RBT on Friday nights (late) at the entrance of the M4, Woodvile Rd and Great Western.
  15. i second both of these

    i've seen big RBT blitz's on friday/saturday nights just as you get onto castle hill rd from pennant hills rd. They set up on the left in front of that park.

    Also seen a few RBT's at the top of beecroft rd.
  16. found a new spot, hiding along windsor rd in the bushes facing traffic heading to windsor underneath the M7 overpass.
  17. Windsor or Old Windsor?
  18. seen a fair few times they like to sit on the entry ramp to the m4 eastbound at the big **** off size m7 interchange inbetween blacktown n st mary's...also seen them pull up people a few times westbound just past the maccas n servo westbound on the m4 so there's somewhere around there that they're hiding aswell