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Where's the Roadcraft?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by PatB, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Had a bit of a "You silly sod!" moment last Sunday.

    Was batting down the freeway to Mandurah in the ute (was helping a mate sort out a houseful of crap for a deceased estate so no digs about not being on the bike please) and saw, at one of the overpass junctions, a largeish group of bikes turning to head down the slip road in the direction I was travelling. Being a forward thinking and courteous chap I do the mirrors, indicators and headchecks and move over from the left lane to the right lane so they can join the freeway without having to fit in around me.

    So the bikes come down the slip road, I continue at my usual speed limit plus a needle's width and all is well. The bikes are mostly big tourers and sports tourers with mature riders, many carrying pillions and they're pretty spread out with good gaps between them. I suppose I was about halfway down the column and pretty much keeping pace with each other.

    As I'm not sure of my junction I start to think about moving over to the left again so I'm ready in good time if necessary. I decide that, given our relative speeds the best option is for me to line up with a gap in the group, slot in safely with plenty of room ahead and behind and then, if necessary, ease off a fraction so the tail of the group can pass me on the right, as is good, if not mandatory, practice.

    So far so good. I pick a huge gap, match speeds, do the mirrors, indicators and headcheck and I'm already starting to move over when, in the course of my continuing observations, I spot the guy on the bike behind (possibly a Triumph Trophy) give it a big handful and come howling up the inside :-O. F'kin good job I'm very familiar with bikes and so was paying attention 'cos if I'd trusted him to stay where he was and just kept moving over we'd have probably made contact.

    So WTF happened to never ever going up alongside a vehicle which not only has its indicator on but has already started the manouver? FMD! OK, I'd get it if I'd carelessly started to move in on him while he maintained a constant speed, but he piled a shitload on after I clearly signalled my intentions and started to go. Yes, I actually saw his hand move to apply the throttle and heard the bike so I know he did. I expect such behaviour of car drivers here, who take every opportunity to block you out if you try to change lanes but it's f'kin poor (not to mention self destructive) for a bike, especially with the additional responsibility and weight of a pillion. Like I said, it wasn't some young, learned-no-better f'wit either. I mean, would anyone really rather die than wait until I'd got across and then gone round the outside in a completely clear lane?

  2. And his version of the story at the pub later in the day went something like.

    "Did you see that fcuking wanker in the ute try and cut in on us, cunt, I fcuking showed him, he won't do that again".
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  3. If you'd identified them as a group - why not back off to let them all pass before even attempting to move over?
  4. Dicks ride bikes to.
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  5. It did cross my mind but, under the full set of circumstances as they pertained at the time the action I decided upon appeared to offer the best outcome for everybody.
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  6. A decent person leaves a gap for a vehicle to get back in if it moved over to let them in (i.e. yours).
    Too bad there are a plenty of wankers on all forms of transport. No doubt he felt like a big man.
  7. He was a wanker that's all, they ride bikes too, move on
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  8. Maybe he was trying to tell you that your Conargo Pub sticker had fallen off
  9. Oh, I've moved on.

    I just find it noteworthy because (and I know I didn't mention this) it's only the latest instance of something I seem to be seeing more frequently these days; aggressive riding, doing the sort of stuff which I expect from a percentage of car drivers and which puts the aggressive rider themselves in pointless danger. I can only assume that it comes down to riding a bike with a car driving mindset and a fairly poor one at that.

    Incidentally, to elaborate on my reply to Bitsar, had the group been riding in tight formation, I might have acted differently but they weren't. I was faced with a straggling string of bikes stretching maybe half a km or more behind me and without much speed differential between us. Given that I needed to move over to ensure that I could exit safely at the next junction if necessary and given that the gap I chose was big enough to make the manouver safely without coming even close to violating anyone's buffers (assuming noone decided to be a fwit) I consider my decision to have been reasonable. Riding in a group does not give you exclusive right of posession of up to a kilometre of lane.
  10. Should've nicked his mirror.
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  11. Fair enough - From the OP the "huge" gap didn't come across that "huge"

    I agree that riding in groups does not imply ownership of the road.

    After re-reading the OP and your subsequent posts I think you hit the nail on the head here:
    Seems to be that case - Mr Sunday rider on his cruiser thinking he's playing bad boy and wants to "Man Up" by being seen giving a "cager" what's for.

    I guarantee you said rider isn't out rain or shine, heat or cold EVERYDAY like most of us.

    So yes - by re-reading the OP and subsequent posts it sounds like @PatB performed a respectful and well judged manoeuvre to which a dickless wannabe tough guy took exception.
  12. Not having a go at you @PatB, you did what was the appropriate thing to do, I guess I'm just not surprised any more at what other people do so I tend to just take in my stride and move on.
  13. I don't really enjoy riding in huge groups. I can see the attraction but inevitably there are some riders with very poor judgement that just make me cringe. It seems that in a group they can be anonymous and feel free to act like d!cks.
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  14. That doesn't make you a better rider either.

    This week on my morning commute on Eastlink there was a bike owning the rightest lane doing just under the speed limit. Everybody coming up on that lane had to move over to the left to undertake him and move back to the fast lane again. He had PLENTY of opportunity to go into a slower lane (in which traffic was going at the same speed as him), but chose for some reason to stay in the fast lane.
    It wasn't actually raining at that time, but the roads were wet-ish. No problems with visibility or slipperyness. And if he was concerned about the roads being wet and taking it easy therefore, he should not have been in the fast lane anyway.

    No, this is not an example of dangerous roadcraft like in the OP. But honestly, there is signs everywhere telling you to stay left unless overtaking! It's not that hard to be a courteous road user.
  15. ^^^ That is one of my pet hates and drives me bonkers, car or bike. Clogs the roads up and causes others to make the undertake decision. If the cops want to revenue generate for a decent reason then they should tail all of those inconsiderate prats that insist on sticking in the right hand lane for no reason.
  16. I like that the eastern has "no trucks" sign on the right late.
    Is it only me who notices trucks clogging the right lane on monash all the time?
  17. So the moral of the story then......

    Weekend warrior, seasoned rider, trained commuter, quick as fark track racer.....

    There are dickhead riders in every category

    Present company excluded of course :D
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  18. #18 b12mick, Aug 9, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2013
    Yep, they are nothing more than cagers with 2 wheels missing. Simple two word term for them is 'dumb cunt'.
  19. I find that in general there is WAY more trucks on the Monash. In any lane, at any time, outbound or inbound.
  20. That's because there is no tunnel at the end of the Eastern to take them across town. I understand this is going to change ;).