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Where's the paper come out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wallsy, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Evenin'.

    So... I recently got my hands on a full licence and picked up a new Street Triple to go with it. Jeesus... what a sweet machine. I'm officially in love with this thing and can't get enough of it. Anyway, that's a whole 'nother story...

    The question is... where's the paper come out? I'm guessin' these funny printer noises I'm hearing before hitting the starter are probably the fuel pump? What's it doin' about 10 seconds after I switch it off? I've had chokes, decompression valves and strange primers prior to this thing, so it's all a bit foreign...

    Anyway to be honest I don't really care what's goin' on, just wanted to talk about motorbikes and the housemate's heard about enough. I've recently realised I'll be riding until I'm dead, which I plan on being on separate days...
  2. The noise before pressing the starter is most likely the fuel pump getting the fuel lines up to pressure.

    After switch off it could be the cooling fan.
  3. that noise you hear is the bike saying ''thanks for not throwing me down the road today, see you later...''

    either that or its a fuel thing.
  4. Good stuff with the bike. I got my full licence today and was immediately thinking about when I could take one of these for test ride. Conveniently this would be fairly close to the Old Pac :D

    I was thinking the R version, though. What have you got?
  5. On start up it will be the fuel pump and possibly a PAIR valve test in the airbox - all diagnostic checks before ignition.
  6. It's the fuel pump, before, and the ECU shutdown after, afaik:

    All the triples do it that i've witnessed.
  7. The ZX14 makes some funny little noises as part of its power-on sequence too, and again after you shut down. I think it's pretty typical of computerised, fuel injected vehicles. You don't notice in a car because it all happens under the bonnet.
  8. In older cars you notice it. i hear the fuel pump for the Gas in my car tick over at start up.
  9. Now that I think about it, back when the R1 first came out, many owners were asking "Is my bike alright, because it makes a funny noise when I switch on?" Turned out the EXUP would cycle fully open and shut once as part of the Power-On-Self-Test. It was partly a test that it moved, partly to clean any goop off it that had condensed there, and partly to confirm the sensors were all singing from the same hymn book. It turned out to be the reason you couldn't just unplug and remove the whole EXUP assembly and forget about it, because when the stepper motor didn't report that it'd stepped, the engine management went into Limp-Home mode. There was a fix, but it wasn't just throw the thing over your left shoulder and say 3 Hail Maries.

    RZ350s used to cycle the Power Valve on start up. That freaked people out. I'm not sure, but I think KR1 Kawas used to do it too.
  10. That is the coolest shit I've ever heard :D
    But yeah, it's the fuel pump priming when you turn it on, and the ECU shutting down when you turn it off.
    I'm going to have to find out the reason why it makes all those noises on shutdown, I'm sure I'll find the answer extremely interesting :)
  11. Ha yea that's the one! ECU ay... that'll do. No printer after all... I've been had.

    And Brmmm... just the standard one for me. I test rode an R aswell but to be honest, where I'm at, couldn't tell the difference. Also rode a Shiver which was sweet, as well as a few others, but the Street was the one for me. One happy customer...
  12. It's the fuel pump priming to ensure 3 bar of pressure is available to the injectors. Additionally the primary throttle stepper motor is set to a position suitable to the conditions of air temperature/pressure and engine temperature.
  13. The noise on shutdown is actually the bike using an old-fashioned fax modem to dial in and send your ride report to Triumph. Then you can visit http://myridereports.triumph-motorcycles.co.uk/ when you get back to your computer and see how you did!

    Naw, it's completely normal for Triumph triples. Though the consensus on the Tiger 1050 forums is that the noise on shutdown is the fuel system running diagnostics upon itself, not the ECU per se. Either way, it's totally normal. :)
  14. So Wallsy, are you going to post some pix?
  15. 9600 baud by the sound of it :)
    Better than my Z200 in the 80's that converted to using smoke signals
  16. First time i turned my D675 off i thought the engine had crapped itself. Hah.
  17. Prob should Hoski... don't have any at the moment but will get onto it!