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Where's the nod?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kinch, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. When I started riding on the road, one of the first things I noticed was all the nods I was getting from other riders as they passed me. This was cool and made me feel like I've been inducted into some kind of cool secret society with a secret handshake (well... not secret, and just a nod, but you know what I mean). So I started doing the same to other riders I saw, just giving them a simple nod as I pass them... and lately no one has nodded back, and if I don't nod, they don't nod either! I feel like I've been thrown out of that secret society and I don't know why :(

  2. :eek:hno: ...brace yourself for the onslaught Kinch... :eek:hno:
  3. :popcorn: Heeeee're weee goooooooo. :)
  4. Nodding momentarily decreases the aerodynamics of a motorcycle and rider; reducing fuel efficiency.

    Petrol is very expensive these days, so people have to be more careful with their nods.
    Can't just go around nodding all willy-nilly like. It's economically unsound.
  5. There've been a million threads on this, but what the heck, there's always comedy value in taking another swing at the dead horse.

    I just nod to everyone, including scooter riders, cruiser riders, cops and posties. If they nod back, great, if they don't great. No need to assume the worst - they might just be an uninitiated noob, they might not have seen you, might have been focused on something else, might have been in a world of their own. But the nod does, IMO, increase the sum of camaraderie between riders, and is therefore worthwhile in itself.
  6. PS Your experience, kinch, is probably just one of those statistical anomalies where you've run into a lot of non-nodders at once. It'll all even out over time.
  7. The motorcycle community is not as close as they once were, a lot of rude riders around these days, bitching at each other thinking their IT.
    So don’t take offence, your not doing anything wrong they are the snobs.

    I’m optimistic and think it’s only the bad minority.
    Ill nod ya if you pass me.
  8. My experience.......You'll NEVER get the nod from a Harley rider. You'll NEVER get the nod from any other type of Cruiser (NR Cruisers excepted..of course!) You'll NEVER get the nod from a trailey!

    Oh well......such is life! :wink:
  9. or ducati riders....
  10. It's a little bit like when you buy a new car.
    Before you got the car, you didn't even know that model exisited, or hardly saw them about, then once you've got one, you see them everywhere, sometimes in multiples too. Just like when you first start riding, you notice all the nodding/ bad drivers, then after a while it peters off and they just blend into the background, not getting noticed as much.
  11. To sum up these threads

    [​IMG] :p
  12. Damn you matti-san! :p
  13. what ya talking about rob??? Have we coved this topic before......btw i which glove do you put on first?? :LOL: i love the start of the riding seasion
  14. How disappointing.

    I deliver a serious response to the OP's legitimate question, and you guys just want to be silly about it.

    You all disgust me.
  15. :LOL: Tony ... one minute too late :p
    Stewy .. EVERYONE knows you put your LEFT glove on first, that way your can fix your hair up with the right, whilst looking in the mirror before fitting your right glove, which I may add is used to 'adjust' oneself before mounting the motorcycle.
    Which leads to another question Gents.. should it hang to the left or right? :p

    Oh and klutu :

    BTW, what was the OP's question again?
  16. this is confusing. as a motorcycling n00b this whole nodding thing is confusing. I ride a baby 250 cruiser, am I meant to not nod?

    I've been nodding but I shall stop if that's breaking cruiser union rules.
  17. Don't forget the other person needs to be in a position to nod back to you. If it's a long straight and riders are going to pass each other, i think a nod is a polite gesture.

    I come across non-return nodders (NRN's) all the time. The only time it bothers me is in a situation as above where both sides are primed to participate in a general greeting. Then that happens it feels like i've invited them over for coffee and they've yelled out 'FCUK YOUR COFFEE!!'. :cry:
  18. It was all explained why in the e-mail. Didn't you recieve it? Try adjusting your junk filter. :wink: