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Where's the motorcyclist?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Heard on the radio today - an ad (presumably paid for by TAC) reminding drivers that they need to watch out for motorcyclists (cause we're hard to see), and to always do a headcheck before changing lanes.

    *jaw drops at thought of $50 levy being spent on something useful*

    There's also a damn great billboard on the Monash, outbound just past the tunnel exit.

    \:D/ [-o< \:D/ [-o< \:D/ [-o< \:D/ [-o<
  2. The same big billboard is also on the Eastern Freeway.
    I was quite impressed... although i did look at it for quite a while as i was going past it, i couldn't actually see a motorcycle on the billboard - or maybe that's the point. ;)
  3. Which would be good if it was from the $50 rather than the TAC normal expenditure..
    your $50 covered bracksies extra fuel costs for the last 2 days


    Though I agree it is good to hear the ads and see the posters
  4. Probably the same billboard on the Western Ring just before the airport turnoff....
  5. So this is what I'm geting for my money... (I still have to se any thing)
  6. Interesting, innit, that we have to pay to make people more aware of us, in hope that we may not be killed by them?
  7. There's a rich irony at work there, I'll grant you.

    On t'other hand, it's better than paying the money anyway and getting nothing but more WRBs.
  8. The campaign is not fricken working IMO after riding to work this morning and a delivery truck driver was just gunning it from a left lane that merges into mine. I'm travelling normal speed and I'm looking at this guy in my mirror and then beside me (at this point is where the merge is supposed to happen) - and then straight passed me. Now if I hadn't slammed the brakes I'd be dead under his tyre - ****.

    He then stops down further (and other cars that were behind me stopped coz they couldn't believe what he did) and I take off absolutely furious and the wanker is smiling as I come up to him. Anyway, I just slammed his mirror hard enough to bend the something as he obviously has no use for it and took off.

    Eyes open and never assume people will give way when they are supposed to.

    Regards, Nick
  9. Yeah, the potential benefits of assuming you have NOT been seen EVERY TIME are difficult to overrate on a motorcycle it seems from the little experience I have of it.
  10. And according to the TAC this campaign and these billboards are NOT coming from the levy...

    Still, it's good to see something positive occasionally. :LOL:
  11. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL: :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
  12. i have less of a problem with this than i do with them using it to repair roads with it that should have been fixed anyways :x

    in all honesty, if this is what they want to use it for, i say go for it. more rider awareness campaigns and maybe some better education for L/P riders would do wonders IMO. i dont expect miracles, but i do expect that this $50 i'm forking out should go to something that benefits motorcyclists and not the entire road population.

    its a good thing. yep, its just a raindrop in the yarra, but you gotta start somewhere :D
  13. Good to hear that some form of education is going on.. Then again it is sad that the education needs to accure.. Head checks should be normal precedure..

    Now all we need is good motorcycle commercials on tv.. Like car ads... I was in Noosa on holidays and the amount of ads on tv for bike shops was great.. We don't have anything like that in Brisbane

  14. You may all be interested to know that these ads were formulated several years ago. they are run at this time each year beacuse of the MotoGP and the extra riders that they expect will be on the road around now.

    Actually, in the same year that the $50 levy was put in place, the TAC was sitting down with the MRA and some others to formulate a safety ad campaign. This generated the TAC "Put youself in their shoes" TV ad. We actually (I was one of the riders involved) sat down with Grey Worldwide Advertising - the people who produce their ads - and gave them heaps of advice. What you are seeing is derived from that advice - ie educate drivers etc.

    The campaign was all paid for out of TAC funds, and there was a plan to continue on. But, the $50 levy ruined the good work we had done together and the good relationship we had forged died away when the Govt decided to take Motorcycle safety decisions out of TAC control.

    www.spokes.com.au was one of the good things they did back then. What you see today is a direct result of "rider advice". Sounds better than anything VMAC has come up with...

    If you like what you are seeing, why not go to www.spokes.com.au and tell them - they deserve the recognition and some thanks for doing it our way.....

    Or maybe email the media?
  15. I actually dislike these billboard ad's and think they do very little, if anything, for motorcyclists and are too vague. TAC advertising money should be spent on teaching/telling drivers to do head checks, not just looking in mirrors and wondering if they can't see a bike ... I dont' think they'll see the connection to needing head checks - certainly enough of my non-riding family and work colleagues don't see the connection to head checks.
  16. I'm inclined to agree. I'd rather see some TV commercials explicitly aimed at getting drivers to check their blind spots - not just for bikes!

    In fact, a series of commercials showing how to merge, how to negotiate roundabouts or (for Melburnians) make a proper hook turn - would probably do a lot more for safety (and not just motorcyclists) than a hundred billboards...

  17. The radio ad I heard specifically tells drivers to always head-check before changing lanes, because motorcycles can be hard to see.

    The only problem I have with that is that many people probably don't know what the word "head-check" means, and the ad doesn't tell them.
  18. Head check :- yep, mine's still here and that's all that counts. :D
    I actually had a not so experience driver tell me that a head check was when you make it overly obvious that your looking in your mirrors during your driving test. :roll:
  19. And exactly how, other than the way it is being done now, do you propose that they do it?

    If you have an idea - why not tell the TAC? They just might accept your recommendation and do it your way....... They are very open to ideas, why not try them?
  20. I can't believe the amount of drivers on teh roads these days that don't look before merging or changing lanes...in my experience, it would be one in 10 that actually look. This is from driving cars mainly...you don't only have problems on a bike I can assure you! I have developed the ability to focus on people's heads in their cars as I drive, trusting peripheral vision to warn me of where my lane is, flashing brake/ turn lights etc. I don't stare at other driver's heads, but I always look at them in these situations.
    I also try to make eye contact with drivers at roundabouts..much less likely to do something dumb if they are looking at you, but still possible!
    Let's hope this works for me on the bike when I get my L's soon......
    When I got my car licence, about 18 years ago, not doing head checks was a fail instantly...seems not anymore. As a truck driver on and off through teh years, I can tell you I definitely look hard for bikes, and if you sit your bike just to one side of teh truck, sort of parallel but outside of a line drawn along the truck, it's by far the best place for us to see you, as you will be in the mirror, and most of us look along the side of the truck fairly regularly to check the load and just to see who's there.
    I wonder if wing mirrors are actually a safety device, or should be removed(on cars)? Would make at least some people turn their heads I think?
    My other theory says that people just don't check anymore, because they just don't care....an extension if the modern society problem of "stuff you all, I do what I want, get out of my way".
    What do you reckon?

    Regards, Andrew.