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Where's the love?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scooter, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I logged off last night with only one bad karma and now I am up to four?

    Oh the humanity :cry: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Who will be the first to make it to 1000 +/-

    (Susan is well on her way @ #-103) :shock:
  2. Hey mizzy I notice that you live just around the corner from me, we should hook up some time!
  3. yer there was some negativity overnight it seems, coped a bit myself
  4. I guess that life can be harsh at times.

    Here, have 1/2 a point each...
  5. We have Karma on this site now? :shock: :D
    I go to Canberra/Syd for a few days and look what happens! :D
  6. Maybe you could create an alias and call yourself Mr. Peter Stevens, you could end up with the leading entry :wink:
  7. Or Mr Groberts, or Susan, or mouth, or Sir Skuffy, or ....
  8. thanx 4 that nearly empty (aptly named character aren't you) :D

  9. theres the love.......right back at you.... :LOL:
  10. You think???
  11. yes I do, that is why I am sooo intelligent.
  12. ... now I just need to work out how to add 1/2 a point ....

    Ah bugger it, the Duvel was particularly sweet last night & today I'm feeling joyous. Have a full point each.

    Hmmm, now who's first .... hmmmmmm

  13. See just goes to show there is love here, look at all the love Im getting............. :D

    as long as you are all picking on me you are leaving someone else alone :LOL:

    and I dont even have to post anything to get negative karma
  14. Some lovely person has given me their tick of approval!

  15. whats this karma shite you all on bout, Karma is what you make it, good karma is when things are good and happy, bad karma is when the cops knock on yer door late at night
  16. As long as it's not your back door Bob.
  17. farkin game sole to go anywhere near my back door.

    ever seen the sticker "insured with loaded shotguns" well so is my back door.
  18. Whooooosh!