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Where's the Global Warming Gone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. This september has been cold. Well, nippy. In mornings and evenings that is, and it only just makes warm during the day. This time last year in sydney it was mid 30's, nearly touching 40 at one point. Was glorious.

  2. If you havnt noticed, they call it CLIMATE CHANGE now, they let the word Global warming quietly drift away so no one notices
  3. I eated it
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  5. It's no longer here, since Falcon-Lord has taken (it seems) leave of absence from Netrider :LOL:.....
  6. Leaving the opinions of Piers Ackerman to remain unchallenged

  7. Watch the YouTube video linked above. The OP question basically demonstrates a failure to comprehend the meaning of the words 'global' and 'climate', with a focus on 'local' 'weather'.
  8. Should be called, "Global scare tactics, give the Gov more money"
  9. You're implying something is stupid about the article... Cant see what though?
  10. GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

    NASA : July 2010 — What Global Warming Looks Like


  11. if you believe it it, stop breathing, you're contributing to the CO2 in the atmosphere; where's your committment??????
  12. ...as an experienced denier of logic, that last post doesn't surprise me, amusing yes, but not surprising.
  13. I disagree Rob.

    It wasn't even amusing. :)
  14. Awww, ripped off! I didn't even get amusement :(.
  15. +1

    Well said!
  16. Sorry, I don't see any point in having a discussion about science with someone who believes that the Great Flood actually happened and that it was indeed even possible.

    There are plenty of carbon sources and there are plenty of carbon sinks. The problem is that we dig up sequestered carbon and put it back in the atmosphere.

    The climate certainly is changing. Look at the Arctic ice extent and volumes. There is very little multi-year ice left. World wide glaciers are retreating.

    Going back to basics. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Without at least 250ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, we'd freeze to death. With more than 550ppm in the atmosphere, few parts of the world will be habitable for humans and other higher animals. You will not find any credible science that says that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas.

    CO2 concentration levels are rising in the atmosphere and in the oceans. Humans are chopping down or have chopped down immense tracts of forests and are pumping massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. Join the dots.

    We will never know for absolute certain that humans are causing global warming. However, the vast majority of scientists that are actually studying the climate believe that humans are having a major influence on the climate.

    As for the ETS, I am absolutely against it. It's just another way for the powers that be reach into the tax payers pockets to make themselves richer. There has not been an ETS put in place in the world that actually reduces CO2 emissions. While I don't like Tony Abbot and there isn't a policy of his that I agree with, I was delighted that Abbot won the leadership and killed the ETS.

    Is there something we can do about reducing CO2 sufficiently to make a difference to the climate? Probably not, at least not in a politically acceptable way. To make a difference we'd really need to become carbon neutral in a short period of time.

    I am hopeful that we'll get a carbon tax as it IMO the only effective way of reducing carbon polution.
  17. I'm a scientist (geologist) and it's clear from the data that temperatures are actually dropping.

    Here's the graph the "climate scientists" don't want you to see:

  18. Good graph. You should draw the graph lines back in to make it look more real.
  19. Seriously stupidest comment of the year.