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Where's the fuel tank breather pipe

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Nocker, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I have a 1998 GPX250. When the fuel is getting low in the tank, after I stop I can hear a whistling sort of sound coming from the fuel cap. I open the fuel cap and hear the "whoosh" that I've heard about so much.

    So on the weekend while I was doing service on the bike I thought I'd have a look at the breather as well. Well as you may have guessed... I couldn't find the breather pipe. :shock: Where is it? I have the owners manual and the service manual and I just could find it. :oops:

    Any help/advice would much appreciated, thanks.
  2. It may be part of the cap itself. Just a pinhole or similar
  3. Well in the service manual it show a diagram where it talks about the pipe with the "blue" mark on it. I've never taken the fuel tank off the bike so probably if I did that I would find the breather straight away. I was looking :shock: up and under for ages with a torch on Sunday but either just didn't know what I was looking for/at or I didn't see it.

    Puzzling for me :? but I'm sure someone here will have had experience with it.
  4. If you do take the tank off, be careful not to pinch any fuel or vacuum hoses when you put it back. There isn't a lot of space under there and it's easy to kink.
  5. take the seat of and have a look here

  6. Thanks. I did look there but I thought that was a fuel overflow pipe? Is it the same thing... serves 2 purposes? In any case, I could blow down the pipe and into the tank when I took it off.

    What does this mean? :?

    I think that next time the tank is getting low and the sound is happening, I'll take the seat off and remove this pipe instead of opening the fuel cap. Just see what happens. :?: :?: :?:
  7. As you've stated its well known these bikes make that whistling sound so what exactly are you trying to achieve? Keep away from matches if you're that curious.
  8. I would prefer it if there was no vaccume problem with my bike. I am attempting to rectify the problem without much luck :cry:
  9. Does your bike starve for fuel or haev any running issues???

    If not just forget about it, as they say 'if it aint broke, dont fcuk with it'
  10. if it aint broke dont fix it ............... well said

    a squelling noise from the fuel tank was normal i thought, all of the bikes i have owned did that especially on a hot day.

    anyways goodluck
  11. :oops: Ok then in that case I'll leave it alone, thanks all.

    Still new to bikes that's for sure. I thought that I got the impression from reading posts that it could/should be fixed if possible. **Shrug** :?

    I don't have any fuel starvation problems that I know about, I get about 380Ks before I have to switch to reserve (but that's another thread).

    Thanks for the advice peoplez :wink:
  12. Ya, just to confirm, that whistling is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about.
  13. Normal. All tanks except Harlies breate through a small hole in the cap. worry not.
  14. And buells and old school gsxr's. and....... and...........

    It should be pretty well visible when the seat is removed and yep, most of them things sing like a bird from the caps. and have a top ability to suck water in thru the cap if wet on a hot day