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Wheres the best place to buy draggin jeans in Sydney???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by steven_s2k, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Hey NR's,

    just a quick post, im after some draggin jeans or plant and was just wondering if anyone knows where i can pick them up for a bargain at ? Or is there any other jeans on the market that will do the job and where can i buy them from in Sydney???

    cheers guys
  2. Hey dude,

    A mate and I picked up a set of camo pants at MCAS in parramatta last Saturday for $189 (on special now). The going rate is $200-$210 at other places.


    edit: 189 not 180
  3. thanks champ,
    i'll check it out this weekend... hopefully the special is still on.
    anywhere guys ???
    maybe through the internet ???
  4. There is a few different makes ,see bikbiz website for pictures and prices.
  5. Have a look at Icon. I think they look more stylish too.
  6. ya i picked up my draggins from MCAS for $189 yesterday avo, still on sale, its a good buy
  7. What about for Melbourne?

    anyone know?
  8. It seems that MCAS still have draggins at a good price... (they have an online store for the Latitudinaly challenged)

    Their cargos are $10-$20 cheaper than other places, including Draggin online...

    What I don't like is that they charge the same price for all sizes, whereas MAW charge an extra $57 for fat b@stard sizes...

    I reckon there should be a fat b@stard tax on everything... :grin: :grin: :grin: :-w :-w :-w :bolt:

  9. If that were the case gbangers would be pretty cheap ;)

  10. Most shops stock them.

    I'd recommend a shop to you but seeing that you were too lazy to fill in your profile, i'm not going to bother ;)
  11. How about at the expo in 4 weeks time?

    They may have a show special on
  12. I said fat b@stard tax... have you seen the size of the backsides of some og the girls who have the T-Bar showing???

    Although I am all for a wide ranging 'hot-bod' discount... hey, you are looking good, you can have 10% of the bus fare... 50% off if you take 10% off....

    or were you talking about guys in G-Bangers????

  13. Nothing wrong with ample real estate when they show off the whale-tail ;)