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Where's our big production race

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. I get sad at this time of year when the bloody cagers go around Bathurst.
    How many times can you look at the side of a car or it going boringly around a corner.
    Hopefully god's in a good mood and rains on them. Crashes are good. I like crashes in any form.

    How good would it be to see the top riders in this country, therefore the world. Out there all day on pretty near production liter bikes fighting it out. The more stock the better.
    Back to the good old days of win on Sunday to sell on Monday.

    The more stock bikes and harder compound tyres would have them sideways all day. They would ring the bikes necks.
    We would not only see what the bikes are really capable of, but what breaks.
    And how 28 more killerwasp's at the rear wheel are nothing if the rest of the chassis is not up to the extra task of dealing with it.

    It would be a nice platform for young talent to come out and play with the big boys in a less pressure cooker environment. You could run three riders per team, out there for four hours each. Or at least a certain amount of time spread between the three.

    Surely it would have to be more entertaining than watching these boring desk jocks go around all bloody day. Watching the whole Harry Potter series for the twentieth time would be more interesting. Watching paint dry ....
  2. I gave up on touring cars when it became follow the taxi

    I enjoyed the old group A days with the variety of makes and models

    Plus it killed it for me when they changed the whole format of racing due to pressure by GMH and Ford to legislate the Nissan GTR out of the competition as the they had no answer for its obvious technological and build quality superiority.

    Can you imagine what BMW would be racing now? a 3.5 litre twin turbo rear wheel drive if they were still allowed to race

    Think what the current GTR would do to current falcons and commodores with its technological superiority - would any one even race a falcon or commodore ?

    I prefer SBK to MotoGP for the reason of more makes and models plus two races per championship round etc
  3. Hey what's that sound I hear? Oh yes, that's a sound of a million bogans hitting the CAPS LOCK.

    The footy's over so they have to do something with themselves
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  4. LMFAO Team Bogan F&ck yeah
  5. Personally I like Bathurst more than any other car race.

    Reason ........... most of the boof heads are either in NSW attending it or indoors watching it .... leaves more road for me..
  6. Hell yes. Same goes for Grand Final day down here. Bogans think 'grand final day' means the Apocalypse is coming so they stay indoors, they fall for it every year.

  7. Back to the actual question, we used to have a big production motorcycle race. It was called the Castrol Six Hour race, and it produced fabulous racing, great stories and epic sales. The old phrase "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday" was true, as all the major manufacturers girede up their loins and presented their biggest and best before a huge audience at the track(s) and a massive live TV audience as well.

    But the slump in motorcycle sales in the late 80s and early 90s, combined with the big corporates in the trade withdrawing sponsorship killed it off.

    There have been a couple of recent 6 Hour races in an attempt to revive the concept, but both have been for modified bikes as well as production bikes. As well, one was held in withering heat at Oran Park as its last big meeting and only the racers and some people interested attended.

    The reality for the manufacturers is that it is political poison for them to be seen to be promoting hairy-chested superbikes for the road, even though in fact they are.

    A six-hour race between Hondas and Ducatis and Kawasakis and Suzukis and any other brand that wanted to join in would be great, but the manufacturers have created such great bikes for us to ride that most of us would rather be out riding them than watching someone else race them, I suspect.
  8. I would love to see races like this for all class of bikes... you could make a weekend of it and have races running all day in cc classes with the big bikes ending the day, would be a terrific way to find young talent and get all involved.

    I never understood the whole ford vs holden thing. Who ****ing cares. They're outdated, monstrously inefficient and outclassed in every aspect by more modern and well designed foreign rivals, aside from their boot size and sheer bogan factor:

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  10. Thanks Mike, I may may a pilgrimage down for that :)
  11. Check out the chick's team. Hopefully they wont biatch fight this time.
  12. I'm glad to see that formula extreme is being run with the V8 supercars for a few rounds, I hope it stays/grows next year. The problem is that people get on forums and say why can't we have xyz, but the reality is that most of these thing have either been and gone or still exist and no one gives a crap. I get out to the formula extreme raced at EC and Wakefield and no one goes to watch, it's embarrassing it's like a ghost town.

    I really feel for motorsport in this country. I get to every event I can - V8 supercars, historic racing, formula extreme, ANDRA drag racing, pro street drag racing, drift comps, burnout comps, static car and bike shows, parts swap meets/show n shines, street meets, I even go watch the amature track days and test n tunes.

    There's plenty of motorsport out there but no one gives a crap, only the die hards go. Atleast v8 taxis promote their events and people actually show up.

    If people want to see more serious bike meets, get all your mates together and get the hell out to the existing events which are all dying in the ass.
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  13. i think its ASBK that is running with the v8's.

    but yeah, motorsport in aus doesnt get much spectators, except for motocross/supercross really. the vic road race championships get hardly any spectators at all, except for the final round which had a great turnout. there was a pretty good turnout at queensland raceway for ASBK when i was up there this year racing, but state level stuff (well at least in vic) is really suffering.

    i go to most events that i can, and am usually competing at them. but for just spectators there is hardly anyone.
  14. I was with a working back in 03 in Melbourne with a great mate who owns Platypus.
    Go Skin ha ha.
    They had a freestyle team between races for the V8's. The crowds went off.
    It was so packed around the ramps.
    We need to ride that ugly cages back. Sponsorship is hopeless in this country. If your lucky it covers nothing.
    So sad to see a sport we have dominated so well doing so badly with corporate cork suckers.
  15. there's no way any current political power or company is going to sponsor or help a bike race around the mountain, people would die.

    it would be awesome if someone would build a nice hilly long track with runoff though.
  16. In my opinion they need to raise the profile of motorcycle racing in oz. If they want the spectators and the sponsors (not just the die hards standing in the dirt next to the track in their full leathers/drizabones etc) they need proper facilities. We have plenty of purpose built racetracks but they are all in the middle of nowhere. The street circuits at Indy, f1 and v8 supercars are by far the most popular in AU (not suited for bikes), they certaintly aren't the best tracks but people love it because it's set it up somewhere desirable like surfers paradise etc. This means you can make a weekend out of it and take the family and stay in a nice hotel near the track and do other things when the race isn't on.. Or you build a state of the art track in a nice location but that would never happen in AU.
  17. I like the way you think and I'm definitely up for this next year, starting with WSBK in February I think?
    Let's start a rolling party in 2012...
  18. It's been said before - modern bike road racing is dead in the water on Australia and has been for a very long time.

    There's a disconnect between race results and sales. The old "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" doesn't work here, so what incentive is there for sponsors to get on board? Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha contribute to ASBK and FX more as a token effort and because it tickles senior management fancy rather than out of any direct return on sponsorship dollar invested. Other manufacturers and industry businesses do so indirectly........in other words, we're a cottage industry.

    Unfortunately BSB and IDM are unique, not the norm, so we can't use them as template for success in Australia.

    TV. Current promoters are trying to one-up each other by boasting of more TV coverage. It's kind of cute to see your name on screen but reruns of local racing do nothing to attract sponsors and do nothing for the middle and back of pack support racers. Another waste of time.

    Junior road racing isn't permitted because the crazy philosophy is that we're happy to see kids smash and mangle themselves on dirt tracks but not on road. So we see few stars come through the ranks, gaining sponsorship and fan base momentum as they move into the national series.

    In NSW we have another big problem - tracks. One is the middle of nowhere (sorry to Goulburnites, I actually like the town and the track) and is too short. The other is situated next to a tip (with all the associated aromas) and is very high on the list of the world's worst spectator tracks and if all that isn't bad enough, it's run by a car club that is a political creature itself.

    Then there's the support races which are critical to the finances of any series. We've got an incredible number of people (especially in NSW) doing track days but few that will use the same bike and the same gear to go racing for the same cost! Unbelievable but true. So instead of promoters and clubs being inundated with entries to every round, there is a scarcity of bikes to fill grids. This has created a bitchfight for the few racers' dollar, the upshot of which is a divided and political ASBK and FX and a weakened club racing scene. We're not even a healthy cottage industry!

    So, few juniors, few tracks, little sponsorship, dying club series and overly political national race series all bode for hard times ahead.

    As for a big production race? The 6 Hour was resurrected by promoter looking outside the square but it obviously didn't make money and now PI are trying to run it themselves as an 8 Hour (they probably couldn't get the name off the promoter they dumped). If they don't get a turnaround in spectator numbers, they'll rightfully dump it as a failed experiment but it seems that their attitude is a "build it and they will come" rather than heavily promote it to sponsors, racers, manufacturers and fans. Funnily enough, if it works at PI then someone like FX will copy it for EC, further diluting scarce competitor entries!

    Pretty bleak dogs breakfast I think.

    Sorry for the long rant.
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  19. The more the merrier.
    Last years attendance was terrible, as is all the Australian SBK rounds.

    I'm sick of hearing people ask "why havent we got a decent national motorcycle competition??"
    My reply is.. Ever gone to the ASBK? or the 6 (now 8) hour? or the island classic? or ANY local event?
    Most dont go because its not on the telly, and like the sheep that they are they will only go if they see lots of other people there.

    the promotors have been trying for years to get people thorugh the gates, the biggest crowds you get for the local series is when they "support" for the v8's (4+2 rounds)
  20. you can even get half price tickets to the 8 hour.