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Where's my reserve switch?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by coeus, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Sorry for the simple one - but I can't find my petrol reserve switch on the vstar 650.

    Any hints? :)

    Thank you.
  2. Check the owners manual??? If you have one it would state where the switch is & correct procedures.

  3. According to the Yamaha manual if you look at the fuel tap, when the arrow is pointing to the left, the fuel is off.

    When the arrow is pointing up, that is when you are on reserve.

    When the arrow is pointing down to the ground, the fuel tap is on.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I initially read "where is my reverse switch"?
    I thought it was a g-up.
  5. Hi coeus,

    Welcome to the forum. Good idea to meet up with the guys at Homebush when the sessions restart in the New Year - I'm sure you know about it already if you've looked around the forum.


    PS generally good etiquette to introduce yourself in the intro forum too. I know it can come across as a bit lame, but its a good ice breaker and people do appreciate the effort.
  6. some bikes don't have them. I'm not sure if hawkeye is referring to your model specifically.
  7. Gents (Ladies if any),

    Found it :)

    I wanted to see how much I get out of a filled tank. Ended up stalling at exactly 290K, and then did another 32K on reserve before pulling into a petrol station.

    Brmmm - you're right.

    Apologies - shortish intro:

    Incredibly new to the bike scene. Wanted to for a while, and now jumped in, by buying myself the vstar.

    Work in the tech. space, and have so far been commuting to the office on my new toy. Find the wind to be the worst enemy, second only to non-indicating mergers.
  8. Usually wind is only a psychological danger. You feel uncomfortable so you hang on tight. This causes you to amplify the little variations in direction the wind causes. Learn to deleberately relax your grip on the bars in the wind.

    Trying gripping the tank tighly with your legs. It does bugger all but while you are focused on that you are less likely to grip the bars as tightly.
  9. There are, actually. Quite a lot of them. It's surprising and quite pleasant.

    Some of them are even real women....

    Welcome aboard mate - enjoy++.
  10. What this guy said =D>
    Just loosen up, handlebars aren't for holding onto they're for steering :p
    Hug the tank with your thighs and all will be sweet. Trust the bike, there is a hell of a lot of gyroscopic forces keeping it upright, the wind will not be able to push you over.