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Wheres Micky's Monster ???? . . win a prize !!!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. In the spirit of the Wheres Wally !!!

    Can you help me find my Monster ???? :rofl:



  2. That many Ducati's in one place...

    A service managers nightmare..
  3. . . . please help me find my Monster !! :eek:

    I know I left it here somewhere !!!


    is it here ???
    LOL @ gegvasco with his Honda CBR600 Testaterretta hybrid ! :p

  4. or here ???


    Geeeez the Sydney Ducatisti know how to party !! :p
    Look at that Mike Hailwood MH900Evoluzione !! :eek:

  5. Found it!!!

    the one in front of Gregs bike.. :p So whats the Prize???
  6. I couldn't tell with all those broken down bikes in the way....
  7. No pics of Monsta-Women in leathers for you then !! :p
  8. I found it! It's the red one!
  9. And no pictures of me in leather for YOU!
  10. A night with me and RobbieW ! ;)
  11. Is it teh red wun???