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Where's a good place to stay up around Corryong?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by mjt57, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Just rang Tintaldra to book for our annual Tintaldra-Merimbula ride, but Tintaldra is fully booked for 3 weekends around when we want to go.

    So, anyone here stayed up that way other than in the Tintaldra pub? For example, what's Corryong like? We've only ever stopped there for fuel, or for lunch (and one weekend to vote). Any recommendations? ie. Close to the pubs or whatever would be good.

    Anything in Kancoban worth considering?

  2. Thanks. I've just PM'ed Franky about this.

    Looks like we'll be staying in the Courthouse Hotel (hopefully that ain't an omen for that weekend coming..).

    There's a nice motel but the prices are a bit steep for us po' folk.

    And in any case it doesn't have an RACV rating but it's prices reflect a 3 or 4 star joint...
  3. the pub has a motel behind it and is reasonably priced they done us a price of $15 a night, and a large amount of us stayed there on that same trip that sled posted, its around 200 meters up the road from the motel
  4. The Courthouse isn't bad to stay at... the owner is a rider (or used to ride) so is very bike friendly, when we stayed there they had just taken over the place and had a big shed out the back for our bikes to all be secured in over night... the Corryong Hotel/Motel is probably a bit nicer in terms of accommodation but I doubt you'll get the $15 a night (we had it booked out pretty much solid for two nights) or you might get lucky who knows :D
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, folks. I've booked into the Courthouse pub.
  6. mjt when is your ride?
  7. 15-17 Feb.
  8. no worries, i was thinking maybe it was on the same time as our ride at the end of march, which has a few spare beds at this stage