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Where's a cop when you need one?????

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 9, 2008.

  1. "oh look, right in front of me on the other side of the road"

    On the way home last night I spot this crumbledoor ute straddlight the white dividing lines on Derrimut Rd. I approach with caution and just as I get close enough to read his rego, he stands on the brakes, indicates left then begins to change into my lane.

    "I knew it!!!" I was ready for him (I was far enough away still so I wasn't in danger) he spots me then yanks the steering right.

    This is when I nail it and get past and away from him.
    Glanced in his ute, single occupant, P plater, nuff said.

    As I approach Heaths road I'm thinking to myself, "where is a cop when you need one" then what do you know, there he is.

    I rode onto the nature strip and let the cop know what was happening, as soon as they spot him they nail it through the intersection and head for the driver.

    He was probably pissed or drugged or both being from Werribee :rofl:
  2. I'm going to call you DORA from now on......

    Dobber dora!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. F*ck the stupid P platers. I'd have lagged his arse in as well.

    Watched my brother tonight nearly getting cleaned up one who
    decided to change lanes without looking.

    Could do sweet FA as the rear fishtailed in the gravel Angry07.
  4. Good on ya VIC!

    Iv never been lucky enough to have a copper when I need one! They are like salesmen in a retail store. When ever your browsing the keep NAGGING you. When you need help the entire store is empty!
  5. sounds like Reservoir. there are 27.54 cops per square km here
  6. I had a moment like that yesterday actually... a few younger girls in a Mazda 3 or something like that, and she used the right turning lane to get infront of the traffic that she'd been weaving in and out of... and then flew past a line of cars to only slam on her brakes to cut infront of and then turn left immediately into a small group of shops... :roll:
  7. I can tell you that idiot drivers are not necessarily young drivers. I'm a P plater and I can tell you I cop shit from older people almost every time I drive - I do the speed limit but people get f*cked off and fly around me anyway, some people speed up when I'm trying to merge because they don't want to be stuck behind a newer driver.

    I was thanking my lucky stars I was driving on Saturday night after a taxi ran a red light, almost hit my passenger side then had the audacity to scream at me from his car and chuck me the bird then run ANOTHER red light immediately after. Then yesterday dropping my nanna home I'm doing the 50k speed limit, turn on my indicator to turn right into her driveway. But some retard decides I'm going to slow and had started overtaking me. He stopped within centimetres from my door but looked at me like I was the idiot. I pointed to my nanna (to make him feel bad) and he just shook his head and went on his way. Both of these guys were easily in their 40's.

    It's not to say that any age group drives better than the other (I have a younger sister who's written off / crashed / severely damaged 4 cars in total and STILL has a licence). It's just a case of the few who wreck it for everyone else.
  8. Sorry for the rant - I do realise that this thread was about how awesome it was to have a cop around, when they're needed for a change.
  9. Mate, unfortunately you're in the minority! I've seen that many P platers at the moment who've obviously learnt zero roadcraft and has been taught by useless driver mum or dad, then let loose on the roads. I thought testing was supposed to be harder these days??
  10. Epic Dobber :p Fair enough though.. I'm fine with you playing copper on those P platers, because I wouldn't be driving like that, so I'm safe :)
  11. I'd have done the same. Totally justified.
  12. Must have been a sale on. :LOL:
  13. Pissed or drugged drivers should be executed!!!!

    I'll be Dora Dobber till the day I'm forced to permanently stare at my eye lids until the maggots have finished me off.

    I detest shit drivers only half the amount of drunk/drugged drivers.
  14. Would that be why you live in the Werribee area :p
  15. fkn bus drivers shit me too :shock:
    was riding the pushy home, through the rail carpark, down the service road.
    its 1.5 lanes wide, two-way, but unmarked.
    its 6pm so fairly dark, ive got plenty of lights on the pushy, but he decides to drive down the VERY right hand side, and not see me till we are about 5m apart. both doing 20km/h or so. he then turns the high beams on, blinds me, and thankfully decides to begin driving on the correct side of the lane.
    cvnt :evil:
    and i dont ride with my kevlar knuckled gloves on the pushy :( lol.
    share the coppa Vic, dont be greedy :p
  16. You betchya!!!!! :)
  17. More power to ya Vic, I'd have done the same.

    I have neck problems to this day from being hit from behind (whilst stationary at a red light, in a car) by a MEGAdrunk driver. He stradled the white line and sped straight into us, hitting me and the car in the lane to my right.

    All three cars were a write off, and if the timing had been slightly different then there would have been further impacts with cars entering the intersection from our right, with possible fatalities.

    But where were YOU when I needed you? Huh? If you'd have dobbed him in five kays further back up the road you would have saved me a whole lot of money, frustration and pain! Grrr.

  18. hopped off a train one night coming home from a blinder in the cuty.walking down the pedestrian ramp @ the station i come up behind this old bloke staggering all over the place.he stops at a parked car on the street an procedes to unlock the door."do you think thats wise?",i said as i passed him and he gives me a mouthful of abuse.just as i cross the road a cop car drives towards me :woot: .i wave them down and direct theyre attention to the abusive pisshead trying to start his car.'bash that up yer arse',i thought to myself as the cops drag him out of the car...
  19. I don't think it's a minority of people (p-platers) that are really the major concern.
    Yesterday coming through the city, I had a bus merge (and quickly) into my lane, with no indicator and no warning. There was no-one in front, but I slammed my brakes on, got behind him, then about 10 secs later, he was back on the left. Gave him an earful at the lights!
    A couple of weeks ago, coming down the citylink, in the left lane. There is a semi ahead of me, also in the left, so I put my indicator on and merge to the middle lane. Get halfway around the right hand bend, and he just cuts into my lane.
    A while ago, out with a friend who is learning, and we get tailed by a p-plater in a commodore ute. He finally gets in front of us, just before he has to stop at a T-intersection. My friend and I pull up behind him, but when he takes off, he decides to spin the wheels. All the stones on the ground being flicked at me and my friend.
    This kind of thing happens all the time, almost everyday there is some idiot who nearly hits me, doesn't use indicators, merges lanes without warning, runs red lights, etc. But if there was a cop around, I don't think that would be their biggest concern. There are other things around for the cops to do ... like book the motorcycle that is speeding, splitting lanes, not using indicators, overtaking on double-white lines, etc. Not that I would know anyone who would behave in this manner ...