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wherefore art thou Faring? A fairing by any other name..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  3. Im naked.

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  1. Knocked off work, discovered my RHS fairing (grey/black, gpx250) missing.
    Underpant gnomes?
    Invisible paint?
    Flew off?
    Blown off?
    Fallen off?
    Ran away with my old brake lever?

    Filing police report tomorrow, filed incided report at work.
    Anyone traveling easter freeway, inbound, punt road, swan street, st kilda road or flinders street keep an eye out for my fairing/bits of black/red/grey plastic on the road please. *cries*

  2. That's shit!!!

    (Mind you I was eyeing off another Red/Blue/White Blade near work after my stack...."I wonder if he'd notice me borrowing his fairings..hmmmm")
  3. Re: Missing? Help! Oh fairing, where art thou?

    That really sucks :cry: , stealing something like that is a pretty low act. :x

    Wouldn't you have noticed it if it came off when you were riding????
  4. Your not having much luck with that bike.
  5. thats ass...

    My tank bolt keeps disapearing.... Have lost 2 now.... I screw them in really tight, then I go for a long ride.... look down..... gone....
  6. Crappy news (and luck) Eswen

    It's a pretty safe bet that it didn't come off when you were riding, I think you'd have noticed a large piece of black/grey plastic flying past your right ear!!!
  7. My vote is for the underpants gnomes, they've got a promotion to "fairing gnomes".
  8. It's a safe be it was nicked eswen, what a low act.

    Nice poll btw. Like your style.
  9. you so voted nated.
  10. Re: Missing? Help! Oh fairing, where art thou?

    youd think so....

    But still I cant be sure it was stolen. Although Im pretty certian that i would notice, and that I would have noticed it was missing when I got off (RHS faces the walkway/musterroom) I cant be sure. I have to wait till police find out from security. THere are cameras canvassing the carpark (its underground) so if someone stole it they should be on camera.

    But I was told the cameras went down for awhile last night.

    Am going to melb west police station to make a report later.

    I dont thave full comp insurance, but telstra dome do. where do I stand? think I could get a pay out? I dont pay for parking there.

    Im pissed off... ive been asleep 5.5 hours or so and this stupid guy has been using a whipper snipper or something and woke me up. Wish those sound laws extended to 10am :(
  11. If they did, I wouldn't be able to leave the house for work until then...
  12. Doing tight left hand turns has been known to open up vortexs to other universes i.e. washing machines and socks. This is why roundabouts are right hand turns. My suggestion is that you should not do these tight left turns if you want to keep your other plastics. Good luck recovering it - I heard voodoo helps.
  13. Re: Missing? Help! Oh fairing, where art thou?

    It makes a good alarm though :p

    As soon as I saw the bags under my eyes today I stopped bothering trying to think of an excuse for being late, it wouldn't work.

    I've decided to skip the morning coffee and go across the road for a red bull. Where's Phlegmy with those imported ones when you need him!
  14. so has anyone got any helpful advice for me about insurace etc??
  15. I had a sidecover knocked off once... pretty low act I reckon... since it's almost always another motorcyclist who would need the bits I reckon.

    Sorry to hear about it Eswen :(

    No idea about the insewerants...
  16. I don't think you can do much, telstra dome would have policies saying "we are not responsible.....etc,etc,etc" , just spaek to telstra domes security and hope that it was just some dick who pulled it off and left it somewhere (Hopefully they'll find it).

    ....I liked the old title better
  17. lol. I just called vic wreckers and they quoted me $30 AND have one in stock. Im in lurrrve....
    but still thats $30 I could have spend on food :(
  18. I'll chip in a couple of bucks, have a $2 cover charge at geek night and you'll have the money in no time ;)
  19. humm cover charge...

    Ill just keep the change when we order food :LOL:
  20. Just have everyone bring along something in the way of food that ensures you have leftovers for the next week. Stuff like half a dozen tins of Pepsi (I think I left 6...) or large quantities of alcohol than you can use for medicinal purposes...