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where'd u ride today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. i did something different today thought i'd see where everyone else went.

    I went to wisemans ferry and back up the old road a lot of fun just me dad and his mate so where did everyone else go?

  2. I rode Carri's bike round a couple of blocks in Eaglemont. :grin:
  3. Went with a mob of other that I didn't really know only knew one in the pack. Anyway we went up to from Springwood (Brisbane) to near Natural Arch and than back.
  4. i went to the gym squid mode as it's <1km away, forgot they closed at 5:30pm :? decided to go to another gym 15 mins. away. -note to self, it is to cold at this time of year for evening t-shift and shorts riding..
  5. I rode to the doctors to have blood sample taken - hate needles.
  6. since i got my bike back this arvo--- after a new battery put into it--- i rode for 2 hours with no destination just cruised everywhere from city to outer eastern areas---- \:D/
  7. Once we got the duck right and starting without a problem
    (rebuild completed) i rode my bike along with my Partner on his TT250 from Thornton to Buxton late lunch @ the Igloo road house then back to Taggerty and left up Glendale lane then right across Crystal creek road all the way through the black range ( logging roads )to Alexandra to Eildon via Fraser park road (bluddy bewdy of a road :driver: )
    afternoon snack at eildon township
    from Eildon back to Thornton all up over 140 klm round trip
  8. I went an hr's past wollongong today. Had a bit of a crash aswell, never good.
  9. Out to 'Nong for the first aid course.

    Then back again.

    Lots of k's, two corners. Still, got in a few wheelies.

  10. Oh heck big crash or little crash ?
  11. Just cruised around the inner and outer southeastern/eastern suburbs for a while
  12. A little slide, due to some gravel on a corner. Scratched up the cibby quite abit. Luckily walked away with a sprained wrist and banged up knee..
    My first crash :p (and i hope there isnt anymore to come) (im still on my L's)
  13. hornsby to hornsby via st.mary's & cattiridge rd / berowra ferry. 120km trip
  14. rode to Garners to test ride a hornet down the tulla, then over to Seany & eGiste's for them to test ride m'ZZR round a coupla blocks in Eaglemont :LOL: :LOL:

    after we then attacked the bike with kero, WD40, degreaser, chrome polish and turtle polish i then admired the reflection of my bike in every shop window all the way home :LOL:
  15. Up the hill on a 'shake down' run after lots of work on the brick :)...blew a fork seal :evil: The forks were, of course, the only thing I haven't overhauled - I'd hoped the slowly leaking fork seal would last me a week or so but it had other ideas... :roll:
  16. Twice arround the block and again to the end of the street,
    Doesn't sound much, but Im still smiling :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Im gunna have me a clean bike !!
  17. *sob* I only rode in my mind.

    Bought a helmet though (chromed HJC CL-14 for $260). So I put that on and made nnnnNNNNNNN nnnnnnNNNN noises for half the day.

    Somehow I don't think it's quite the same.
  18. I didn't get to ride today :( I had to put this first coat of sealer on our extension we have just done (I hate doing the first coat!).

    But tomorrow after doing the second coat I'm off for a quick run up to Walhalla :dance:
  19. I have the shiniest turtle in town. :cool: