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Where would you be today....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. ...if you never found netrider(or similar)??? :shock: (I know it's scares me too)

    Myself... Netrider has helped me do so many things and i have met a lot of great people over it and i probably would have missed out on doing so many totally awesome things if i never found it.

    So what would YOU have missed out on doing, how many people would you not have met, and what things would you not have achieved without netrider?

    Changed from "without the internet" to "without netrider"...Sorry to the 2 who have already posted :(
  2. how about all the thing i would have got done if i hadn't been sitting here clicking on web pages??

    seriously... the net has helped me with work and recreation. but i can do with out it if i have to
  3. Yeah but would you still be getting/have a bike??

    I know i probably wouldn't have one and i defenatly wouldn't have gone on a roadtrip to sydney or wouldn't have met as many people as i have.
    I might have done heaps of other great stuff but without netrider i wouldn't have done any of that.
  4. If it wasent for the net, I would not have:

    bought (2) bikes at bargain prices, 2 cars, multiple properties,
    pay all my bills in minutes, tranfer funds into diff accounts,
    saved $$ on newspapers & phone calls and wouldnt have met
    you punks
  5. yep i'd be still after a bike.... wanted one as long as i can rmember... never had the cash though...... living with KGB style parents also cramps things as well as severe medical histories
  6. I honestly think my life would be completly different. for starters; the obvious.

    I wouldnt have had mat as flatmat, wouldnt have gone on road trip to syd, wouldnt have learned as much about bikes, wouldnt have made some really great new friends, wouldnt have got as much free chocolate.

    perhaps wouldnt have got this job or finished yr 12 either.

    but then there is the more subtle - If I hadnt found netrider, I probably would have chickened out on getting a bike/caved in from pressure from bf, probably wouldnt have broken up with him, wouldnt have gone through all that crap... instead id still be with someone who is not worth the dirt one spits on.

    Netrider - making lives better :)
  7. I wouldn't be so convinced that 80% of bike riders are geeks.
  8. Still early days with netrider for me. I already was a rider but when I was doing some 'research' on the model of the bike some months back, google came up with one of netrider discussion threads.
    Netrider so far has helped me in getting to know things as australian and state-specific traffic laws, riding etiquette, vocabulary etc. I find the forummers here to be very good natured, less-sarcastic, lively and a helpful bunch as opposed to ..say.. cricket forummers.
    I think I will be lurking for the next few decades.
  9. Why u always talking about b/friends & ya b/f probs all the time? :LOL:
  10. *Cough*
    The Beautiful Sex/Gurlz in my Life
    *End Cough*
  11. Got you there, Kishy, you walked right into that one :grin:
  12. I wouldn't have people stare are the calouses on my forehead, which I got from placing my head in my hands.....
  13. I'd probably get some work done
  14. You could always read them some Vogon poetry :LOL:
  15. Touché!
  16. pmsl :LOL:

    Thats only one thread tho. She does it everywhere..
    b/f here, b/f there, b/f did this, b/f did that..

    Neva ending drama.. :LOL:

    @ that age I was more interested in enjoying myself
  17. That's a polite way to put it ... must be the recent crackdown on posts with sexual content leading to all these new euphemisms :p

    Anyway, it's getting late so I might "enjoy myself" for a bit before heading off to sleep :wink:

  18. C'mon buddy.. if there is an audience for your drama, there is definitely an audience for her drama. Let all dramas get along. :grin:

    Btw, enjoyed your thread very much, top one that! :)

  19. Without Netrider...

    I'd probably be on OCAU.mc :p

    And I'd have a fair few hours of my life back!
  20. Without netrider my wife would love me more...

    I wouldn't have caught up and gone on as many rides as I have, this has made me a more confident rider.